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Dean Sutton screams “Oi Oi Oi”!

Dean Sutton has done it again! The acclaimed Electronic musician and DJ has created an album of Party anthems that are sure to be the highlight of your 2014 summer!

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James Blake Reveals Dark New Track

James Blake let slip last month that his new album was halfway done and this month he has dropped a new track on BBC One.

Appearing on Jamie xx, his good friends, show last Wednesday night he debuted the track, without so much as a word to whether it would appear on the yet to be released album. The track is much darker then Blake’s previous releases with a sample heavy cut intrumental piece.

Collaborations, such as David Bowie and Disclosure who appeared on the Mercury Prize winning Overgrown last year, are all speculation at the present however Blake has been working on a follow up with Fall Creek Boys Choir collaborator Justin Vernon and working with Kanye West on a intermittent basis. He has also given word to a third collaborator who has been kept in the dark.

Check out a rip of the track here:

ODESZA Album Out

The collaborative efforts of BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid have catapulted into gold.  The producer duo, who go by the name ODESZA, have been making waves with all the kids.  The stats are impressive – streamed from SoundCloud over 16 million times, over 7.5 million times on Spotify and selling out live shows.  In this case two heads put together has been better than one.  So ODESZA’s new album ‘In Return’, which is to be released September 8th, is one to be celebrated.

There is an array of uplifting, pop-infused songs making up this magnetic album.  Charged with lush, haunting synths and buzzing melodies, their sound is sure to alter your mood.  Madelyn Grant features on their current hit Sun Models, and she performs on the album alongside Py, Zyra and Shy Girls.  In the works is a show to accompany this phenomenal album.