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Xeba Studios – DJ Competition


Presented By Xeba Studios

DJ needs to provide a 30 minute mix which needs to be uploaded on Mixcloud. From there we will pick 4 finalists, who will then need to play live on Sundays the 10th of March at Name This Bar Oxford Street Sydney. We are looking for up and comer DJ’s ONLY. This competition is about giving an up and comer a chance to play and be heard.


1. Upload your 30 minute mix to www.Mixcloud.com

2. Upload Name should be the following syntax: Dj Name Sound Carnage Dj Comp presented by Xeba Studios

The DJ would need to create a mix which would be an opening set for an Underground Non Commercial Warehouse Event.

In sending a submission to the following email soundcarnage@gmail.com, you will need to provide the following information;

Terms to Enter:

DJ Name:
In 25 words or less, explain what your beliefs are for “Underground Scene”:
Link to your upload: