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Return of the Bag Raider

We haven’t heard anything from the groovy duo, Bag Raiders, since 2012. And now the drought has been graced with a splendorous downfall of summer rain. They have released a new single, with the announcement of a new EP underway! The latest EP, titled  Nairobi/Savannah will have four brand spanking new tracks, fresh out of the recording studio. And we are lucky enough to be given a new mix to stream for free with a release of one of those tracks!  ‘Nairobi’ has been released for our listening pleasure!

This funky little tune is layered with weird and creative percussion sounds, creating a tropical summer vibe, ready to chill out and party too. The track also has undertones of mystical vibes that create an electronic euphoria. This playful mix will keep that booty shakin’ all night long. The atmospheric jungle of synths and samples is creative and quirky, introducing new instruments and rhythms Bag Raiders haven’t used before.

This new style from the Bag Raiders is definitely a crowd pleaser with us at DJ Central,|Have a listen and let us know what you think about this groovy new sound!

Nairobi/Savannah drops on the 4th of July through Modular Recordings

Source via purple sneakers