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YouTube Music Awards

Psy and Girls’ Generation have made it onto the nominees list among other global superstars for the first ever ‘YouTube Music Awards’!

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Grimes News: hosting the MTV music video awards red carpet report?

Claire Boucher the brainchild behind the musical project Grimes has been busy expanding her brand and affixing her status as a style icon in the fashion world. Her unique style taps in to a nostalgic turning point in most of our lives when we decided on social conformity. Grimes brings the obscure and sometimes taboo to pop culture in ways you can only know about in hind sight and does this in a completely honest way.

Red carpets have welcomed her artistic vibes yet Boucher still feels understandably uneasy on them, she wrote on twitter in May “i wish there was some alternative to the red carpet like the blue carpet or the black carpet for anti social people,”. Perhaps with Grime as the host for the MTV music video awards red carpet report she’ll  turn the red carpet on its head and make it equally awkward for all the socialites. Either way its sure to be interesting.

If your yet to crossed paths with Grimes bellow is her at her best on Jools Holland.

Source: Pitchfork, MTV