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MSTRKRFT are back and ready to roll out some blazing new vibes.

“EDM was a positive thing for everyone.”

It’s been five long years since we’ve heard from Canadian king pins, MSTRKFRFT, and they’re planning on coming back in style.

In a recent interview with THUMP, the group opened up about their new sound and the creative industry that is EDM, saying how it’s such a positive thing and that the sky is the limit when it comes to experimenting with new sounds.

Going on to speak about the EDM scene, Keeler thinks “There’s suddenly a f*cking ton of money to make off of everything, and people are trying to find a way to bring it all together, so it wouldn’t just be a bunch of insular scenes because that’s how it was before,” he said. “The way people play it now, the sounds and everything involved are all over the place. So in that sense I think EDM was a positive thing for everyone, especially the kids who are just getting into it now.

“They sort of see the full palette of sounds and ideas all at once. They’re not just like ‘Oh that’s house music’ or ‘Oh that’s techno’ or ‘I can’t make that type of sound in this song cause it doesn’t make sense.’

“Everything makes sense, which is cool. But on the flip side, whenever you have the possibility of making easy money by copying what is already happening, you’ll have a lot of people doing that. I feel like EDM is a genre now and not so much a concept.

“The new feel is awesome and I think what we’re doing now is the best music we’ve ever made by far.”

Now we are just going to have to wait in silent anticipation, biting our nails and pulling our hair out until we can listen to some of this new material that promises to deliver on all things awesome!

They’ve even set up a twitter, so far it’s only got a single post on it… maybe this is where they are going to be releasing their updates from??

Here’s hoping!

source via MTV Australia