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Behind DJ Eats Everything fans: A documentary on super fans

Since world renowned DJ Eats Everything, shot to prominence in 2011, he has rapidly gained a global following of super fans. Otherwise known as ‘Eaters’

Bristol DJ Eats Everything, aka Daniel Pearce, is the subject of an eight-minute alarmingly accurate documentary. The clip, Behind the Eaters: A Documentary on Superfans, is an unparalleled and at times surprisingly poignant insight into the lives of two dedicated Eats Everything fans.

The short film shows fans Brenda Evans and Gwyn Jones try and explain why they love Pearce so much, how their dedicated fandom affects their private lives, and the backgroudn to some of their memorabilia. They also  play some bangers in the back shed.

Watch the clip and tell us what You think:

Source Via thevine.com.au