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Michael Jackson is back to life for the time of an album!

After releasing the first posthumous album “Michael” in 2010, Epic Records and Sony have realised that it is a good money.. euh good tribute for the pop star Michael Jackson. Indeed they have paid a quarter of a billion dollars for the unreleased music rights, and now it’s our turn to pay for the second posthumous album “Xscape”

They have joined producers as Timbaland and Stargate to remix them, and the first song “Love never felt so good” sounds actually pretty good, with a disco groove that recalls the best of Michael Jackson and a dash of Justin Timberlake. The song was originally written by Michael Jackson and Paul Anka back in 1983.

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Fedde Le Grande has saved us all from the late King of Pop’s questionable new ‘album’

Michael Jackson’s Xscape  featuring previously unreleased music from the late King of Pop and is set to be released on the 13th May. The album has almost brought Jackson back from the dead, we can’t seem to escape him!

However, there is some confusion over the legitimacy of the album. Jackson’s family have questioned whether a soundalike sang on some of the songs and Dave Grohl stated that he didn’t play on the track that he is credited on as a drummer. Will.I.Am has also stated that he wouldn’t release any of the unfinished songs the two wrote together because he knows Michael wouldn’t want the world to hear the incomplete music.

Enter Fedde Le Grand. This EDM giant has put is dance-touch on what he considers  “one of the biggest and most honorable projects I was ever asked to work on.” He mixed the single Love Never Felt So Good from Xscape and it is one of the best tributes to Michael, recovering the blunder that was the album.

His set was featured BBC1’s Dance Anthems with Danny Howard, with immaculate synth-work that builds up to an explosion of party beats and pop vibes resonant of Jackson’s work.

Have a listen here and let us know what you think of the whole situation in the comments below.

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Michael Jackson posthumous new album!!

All start whit John Branca, Michael Jackson’s adviser and lawyer, saying ‘yes‘ to L.A. Reid, the chairman and CEO of Epic Records (“the house that Thriller built,” as Reid calls it)  to an posthumous Michael Jackson’s Album.

This album, “Xscape,” which comes out May 13, is eight tracks of Jackson vocals, set to new music from Timbaland and J-Roc, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate and John McClain, the former A&M Records executive who is co-executor of the Jackson estate with Branca. The originals they worked with, were recorded from 1983 to 1999, the period just after Thriller to just before InvincibleThe finished songs are not remixes. Reid chose a riskier path, charging each of his producers to create what are essentially new songs based only on Jackson’s vocal tracks.

At first, Reid says, “I had no idea what was in the Michael Jackson vaults.” But he says this now with a smile, and the confidence that comes with pursuing an unorthodox strategy and creating something no one believed possible – an album that deserves to be discussed in the context of the remarkable music that Jackson made from Off the Wall in 1979 to Invincible in 2001.

When first listening to the source material “You can hear [Jackson’s] foot in the booth when he’s singing, and his fingers snapping,” says Jerkins. “It was all raw, it was real. It wasn’t like, ‘Take the snaps out, take the stomps out.’ No – it’s real. It’s him in the booth, and he’s feeling what he’s doing.”


Michael Jackson's Xscape TeamPhoto: Austin Hargrave

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michaels music resurrected

The King of Pop himself hasn’t been forgotten, this year marking 5 years since his tragic death. To mark the anniversary, Epic Records has set out to release a new album titled ‘Xscape’ on May 13.

The album itself will feature eight never head before songs, handpicked by representatives from the Record company. After chosen, the tracks were handed down to Timberland who set out to “contemporise them”.

CEO LA Reid, who had unprecedented access to the music, has commented saying  “Michael left behind some musical performances that we take great pride in presenting through the vision of music producers that he either worked directly with or expressed strong desire to work with. We are extremely proud and honored to present this music to the world.”

The name was chosen as a tribute to Michael’s choice of edgy one world albums. ‘Xscape’ is sure to be a hit among dedicated fans, the music definitely lives on.

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Music Increasing Egg Fertility

It seems playing music to eggs during IVF fertility increases the fertility rate by 5%, a Spanish study has revealed.

The Daily Mail stated that scientists in Barcelona injected 1,000 eggs with sperm and then played a combination music such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Metallica to half the eggs while they sat in dishes in incubators.

It was found the eggs that received the music had a higher fertility rate hypothesising that the vibrations in the music could reason why the eggs became fertilised.

Hopefully no one plays “Let’s get it on” or else we could have a population out break.

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Chris Brown’s father thinks Rihanna is a bad influence

Now, anyone in their right mind would read that headline & laugh about the possibility that Rihanna is the bad influence in the relationship. Over the past years, Chris Brown has not only beat her, but he has had run-ins with Frank Ocean, Drake, he has threatened valet parking & has smoked a lot of weed.

But still, despite of all this, My Brown claims that Rihanna is the bad influence between the pair. He said in an interview with Perez Hilton “I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together. I hate to use examples, but Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse — I mean I could go on and on! Is that a given — that you can’t have fortune and fame without [death] being the end result? You have to have a balance in a relationship. You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical.”

He is launching a charity, so maybe he isn’t so bad.