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YouTube Music Awards

Psy and Girls’ Generation have made it onto the nominees list among other global superstars for the first ever ‘YouTube Music Awards’!

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DJ Storm’s Blog


Check out Young Stark’s own DJ Storm’s Blog for all DJ Storm’s latest information. 33.3% News 33.3% Media 33.3% Music but its all 100% DJ Storm. The blog shows information on Art, Entertainment, Technology, Fashion, Music, Photography, Design and Automotive. Also, don’t miss the new DJ Storm Presents: The List which is updated weekly, a 20 track playlist of both new and classic Hip-Hop, Top 40’s and Electro.

DJ Central kicks into overdrive as viewers tune in to watch the show from all over the world!


The popularity of DJ Central’s new show has been rapidly growing over the past 60 days. Foxtel viewers have tripled as the show continues to gain main stream attention on all the Free 2 Air networks. The show is increasing viewers each week due to the content programming and the feature segments on the hottest events and clubs that get showcased each week cut with hot new and emerging dance, house, club music as well and DJ sets from artists like “ DJ Diamond “ and “ Tiesto”.

Up to 100,000 viewers now tune in each week to get all the new clips and news from DJ Central on Friday nights on FOXTEL’s Channel 183 on the Aurora Network. The program is now broadcast three times a week on the Aurora Network due to the growing recognition and positive responses to the show.

Social Media fanatics across the globe have been logging in for the latest news on festivals, artists and gossip within the dance and house music culture! Join the conversation through our Social Media pages including, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress and more!

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Calvin Harris – 18 Months


18 Months

Fly Eye/Sony

He’s a busy boy is Monkey Harris. He’s also something of a hit-making wonder machine as between him and fellow beatmaker David Guetta, the due are probably the modern-day equivalent of the famous Stock, Aitken and Waterman music factory. Harris and Guetta make records that seemingly appeal to anyone and everyone – the last time that happened The Bee Gees were famous, and popular.

Like his recent singles, Harris’ music is all over the place – a smorgasbord of variety that by and large hits the mark. Included on 18 Months  are his trademark hits from the past year or so: the commercial gold We Found Love, featuring Rihanna, Bounce  (with Kelis), Sweet Nothing (with the ever impressive and versatile Florence Welch from Florence & The Machine) and Drinking From The Bottle, an underrated track that features UK rapper Tinie Tempah in fine from. We’ll Be Coming Back (featuring Example) appears and I Need Your Love (featuring Ellie Goulding) is a gem of a track destined to smash dancefloors and be hammered by the likes of Nova and Fox.

There’s no doubt that harris is a talented fellow. He’s savvy in collaborating with the right people at the right time and although 18 Months isn’t structured in any particular way, it’s pure enjoyment and a collection of wicked, expectantly crafted yet relatively simple electronic music tracks. Harris is adaptable, flexible and probably doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves compared to say, Guetta. Yet on this evidence he should.

And in typical Harris style, most of the choruses are so damn catchy you’ll be grooving and moving whether you like it or not.

Source: The Drum Media magazine 

Writer:  Stuart Evans 

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Psy to Release Album World-Wide!

Psy has stated he will be releasing his debut album internationally  early next year. It was originally to be released in November but has been changed, here is what Psy has said about the release of his album at a Press conference in France;

I am currently working to release a new album to the entire world by February or at the latest, March of next year.

He continued, “The album will be in both Korean and English, and it will be a worldwide debut album that will be released simultaneously all over the world. I was really touched that my French female fans sang really well in Korean. I’m Korean, so I tried hard to keep the Korean in my song.

Psy is currently in his European promotions, after France he will then visit the UK to give a special lecture at Oxford University. He will also meet with the British media and be featured on BBC radio program. Psy will end his European promotions with an appearance at the MTV EMA‘s on the 11th of November in Frankfurt, Germany.