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Goldroom reeeemiiixxxeeedd!

Goldroom released their latest track ‘Only You Can Show Me’ in early March and received lots of love from fans, websites & fellow DJ’s. So much so that NYC electronic duo The Knocks, enjoy it so much they have released their very own remix of it.

If you are a fan of either of the artists, you are sure to fall for this rendition!

Check it out here:

Wolfgang Gartner – New Preview!!


Wolfgang Gartner has begun to reclaim his mark in the dance music industry after his track ‘Anaconda’ drew attention back to his name. Now, he features Medina in his latest track ‘Overdose.’ His recent track is an intense house mix that holds true to his high-note synth tradition, aswell as adding in a heavy electronic drop, just to mix it up.

Check the preview out here:


Afrojack – Air Guitar

For all you Afrojack fans who heard the teaser of his work in progress “Air Guitar” on BBC in December of 2012…well it’s time to get excited!!

Afrojack’s latest track “Air Guitar” was released the 12th of March 2013 through Ultra Records, with his skills you know there is no reason in NOT buying it!

You can download his release here, it is dubstep heaven.



Source: www.houseplanet.dj