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Life Around Dance Clubs – The Kings Cross Stories….


Aaron’s Story: The DJ

Aaron has been DJing in the Cross for over six years. It’s his job to make sure people are having a good time, but Aaron frequently can’t believe what he sees when he leaves the clubs.


Daisy’s Story: The Door Host

Daisy is a door host in the Cross with a passion for music and fashion. She’s heard just about every excuse in the book when it comes to clearly drunk people trying to get into a venue.


Eddy’s Story: The Cabbie

After 33 years of driving cabs in Sydney, Eddy’s seen it all. Having survived a savage attack in the Cross, in which four passengers broke his ribs and dislocated his shoulder, he has more than a few stories to tell.


Fuzz’s Story: The Venue Owner

Fuzz owns and runs a venue at the gateway into the Cross, his place is all about great drinks and community. From his door he sees the comings and goings to and from the cross and recognises a change the closer it gets to midnight that transforms this bustling bubble of energy into a wasteland.


Ben’s Story: The Glassie

Ben is 22 and used to be a glassie in the Cross, until binge drinking took over his life and he lost everything. Follow Ben as he walks his previous path and see how he has managed to change his life for the better.


Sydney’s Top Indie Scenes

Anyone out there an Indie music fan? Well, Timeout has taken the “time” to explore some of Sydney’s best indie nights and here are there top 5 picks!

  • Mum:

With its variation in local line-ups ranging from electronic, indie, alternative, pop, rock and experimental fare this triple levelled venue has truly made a name for itself as one of the best in Kings Cross.

  • Girls Gone Mild:

Found jamminf away on Thursday’s at GoodGod Front Bar, FBi’s sister duo (Hannah and Eliza Rilley) start there nights on a gold mine of dance floor tracks that vary each week on specialised themes from ” The Warriors” to “Beat Street Bloc Party”. And the best thing about their gig? It’s totally FREE!!

  • Starfuckers:

Raving away from 3am till 6am at Clubb77 the most favoured indie nights at this venue comes in the form of “teen battleground” Starfuckers playing crazy beats courtesy of Mr Disorder, Hookie and Donnie Blood.

  • Hot Damn

Now here’s a location for one messy night as Hot Damn presents to you a mix of indie bands that get the dance floor packing with patrons buying cheap as drinks…a hard find nowadays in Sydney!

  • Slow Blow

Another little indie favourite at GoodGod Small club; this monthly event sees to it that every clubber is walking home with the rising of the sun as Dreamcatcher and Jungle Snake play irresistible beats that keep you wanting more.

Source: www.au.timeout.com