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Kaskades Sonic Atmosphere

Kaskade is releasing his new LP “Atmosphere” in early September, commenting that his fans should expect the unexpected. This album could reflect his re-introduction back into house music through his residency at Marquee Las Vegas.

His album is a combination of the EDM-era style and Kaskade’s obvious love for house music possibly making this album is most genuine out of all his albums, somehow combining his older sound with his new. The synth teamed up with euphoric vocals make each note in the album electrifying.

The first track, a collaboration with Project 46 “Last Chance” has been played by Kaskade at multiple festivals including Marquee’s ‘Summer Lovin’, its eclectic combination of house and dance takes you on an undescribable musical venture.


Source: inthemix


GTA Remix Kaskade’s ‘Atmosphere’

GTA are without a doubt one of the freshest acts hitting the scene. The Miami based duo have release a remix of Kaskade’s amazing track ‘Atmosphere’. Check out the duo’s unique and innovative take of ‘Atmosphere’.

Click the link below to listen

Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7FSzi2v2kc

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DJ Robots? Deadmau5 Made It Possible!

Forget raunchy girls swaying their hips on-stage to the DJ’s beat, Deadmau5 has created he’s own backup dancers…and they’re not even human!

According to inthemix.com.au the DJ assured his fans that he’ll bring something special to his set at Hakkasan and he fulfilled his promise…in the shape of two “12 feet and two tons of mechanical bliss”. During his 2 hour gig, the two mechanical “deadmaubots” swayed and moved in sync with their master’s beats. They also extended out on the dancefloor, eyes glaring at the dancers, taking their gig experience to a whole other level. While these two robots were dancing and stirring the crowd on each side of the DJ booth, Deadmau5 was right in the centre, making his magic whilst wearing a glowing helmet that matches the head of the robots.

Deadmau5 also has some festival gigs lined up including the the ‘Veld Music Festival’ in Toronto where he’ll be performing along with ‘Above & Beyond’, ‘Kaskade’, ‘Krewella’, ‘Laidback Luke’, ‘John Digweed’, ‘Jacques Lu Cont’ and many more in August– so his deadmau bots might make several guest appeareances down the festival line. Wonder if another DJ will follow suit and try to upsize the bots with another futuristic invention…a hover DJ booth anyone?

Source: www.inthemix.com.au



KASKADE – tour announcement!

Fans of Kaskade will be pleased to know that the electronic Dj (full name Ryan raddon) will be launching a follow -up tour dubbed the ‘it’s you, it’s me.’ Although, sadly enough, it will not be crossing the national lines and coming down under, it is great to see so much activity from the 42 year old. It’s reassuring to know he is still out there partying hard!


If you’re lucky enough to be over in the US of A anytime this year, keep posted.. because the dates will be announced shortly!


Late Night Alumni

Kaskade has joined forces with other members to create “Late Night Alumni” a band and side project that returns to the deep roots of Kaskade’s house music origins where the beats were hard and the fans crazy head banging, glow stick twirling jumpers!

Alumni’s fourth album “The Beat Becomes A Sound” (Ultra)  is full of what seems to be the lost house music that any true follower has missed in this current EDM environment. The album was created in the early months of 2012 during session in Lake Tahoe and few in Kaskade’s studio in Santa Monica.


“It’s a collaboration of beats and melodies and thoughts and emotions from all of us put together,” Williams says. “The name references that moment when all of these unspoken things that are inside each of us become actual sound waves and put together as tangible ideas that other people can experience.”

Electronica and house music is not dead friends of the past and beginning and Late Night Alumni put a special twist of acoustics in there too!!

Check out one of their recent gigs shot Live from The Great Hall…it is a group of musical genius that have joined to create melodic heaven!!

Source: www.billboard.com

Buy the album here: http://bit.ly/UzPZrr
Late Night Alumni “The Beat Becomes A Sound”

Created by Michael C. Mendelsohn www.mendelini.com

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