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Young Justin Jay first plays

Roundly considered one of dirtybird’s brightest talents, 21-year-old Justin Jay has readied his first original EP on the San Francisco label since last year’s breakout “Static.”

The release’s title track, “Instincts,” is a thumping serving of fat funk bass, incisive hi-hats and squealing synthesizers, with a throwback vocal thrown atop for good measure.

“The way I make most of my music is by aimlessly throwing crap at the wall and seeing what sticks,” says Jay. “I really wanted to see if I could toss disco, and techno into the blender and end up with a house track that would work in my sets.”

Jay credits last summer’s European tour with Claude Vonstroke, DJ/producer and leader of Dirtybird Records, with exposing him to techno, a new influence that he channels to a greater degree on the EP’s other two tracks “Denial” and “Analysis Paralysis.” When the Los Angeles native showed the latter to Vonstroke, he never dreamed that the dirtybird boss would insist on signing it.

“Instincts” will be available through dirtybird on June 9th.

Listen tracks:


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