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Bruno Mars mother Dies at 55

Bruno Mars mother Bernadette Hernandes has died on June 1 in Honolulu, Hawaii at Queens Medical Center. The mother of six died unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm.

Bernadette was a singer and hula dance from the Philippines, who moved to
the states for a better life for her family. Bernadette was said to have encouraged Bruno’s musical talents at a young age.

This is a great loss for Bruno and his family. With a strong support system during this difficult time, celebrities such as Randy Jackson, Rihanna and Jennifer Love Hewitt and more reach out to the singer.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: My heart is breaking for Bruno Mars and his family tonight. I know all too well, to recent and too deep what they are feeling.my prayers

Rihanna: Sending my love and condolences to @BrunoMars at this difficult time! I’m sincerely praying for you bro! #1Love

Randy Jackson: terrible news. Praying for you @brunomars

Boy George: @BrunoMars Thoughts and prayers to you fella. I’m sorry for your loss. Our mothers are goddesses.