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DSKOTEK Interview – “our musical inspirations come from Aphex twin, Pink Floyd & classical music”


DSKOTEK, is one of those duo’s that every has been talking about. They recently been interviewed by EDM Sauce, dishing out all the information about the duo’s name, the story behind it, best inspirations, favourite EDM artists and favourite non EDM artists and so much more! Check out the full interview here.

Below is the featured video from their official YouTube account.



First Australian Interview with Swedish House Mafia!



A night before Sydney’s Show Announcement, Swedish House Mafia superstar Sebastian Ingrosso talks about Production work, the Last Tour Show, previous shows and saying goodbye to production/DJ crew Swedish House Mafia and more. In a phone interview with InTheMix, they were lucky enough to speak to a member from the crew and ask them plenty of questions. To read the full interview click right here.


Ingrosso speaks about his production mates, saying;

“the only thing I’m looking forward to now is going on this tour. We kind of never had a plan with Swedish House Mafia, it just became Swedish House Mafia in a weird, very nice way.”

He continues to admit that SHM was pretty much a beautiful accident. When asked about the legacy for SHM in the interview, Ingrosso says that got together with no plan at all and the ending was not planned;

“This isn’t planned, this is no marketing thing. That’s what I hope, at least, comes across.”


One of Sydney’s hottest night clubs, Marquee, is in the third week of its DJ competition, giving local DJs a chance to play in Sydney’s most coveted DJ booth previously occupied by Avicii and Will.I.Am. The winning DJ each week scores a slot at the new Assembly Wednesdays and a chance to win the big prize of a performance slot at the original Marquee in Las Vegas.

Vote for your favourite mix this week at http://www.inthemix.com.au/marquee/welcome

Also check out our interview with Beni from the last time we were at Marquee.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yscmfmVKjpA&w=560&h=315]