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EAST IS THE NEW WEST- India’s Land of Opportunity

It seems the world of music is finally starting to discover the endless opportunities India has to offer to artists all over.

With a larger market in niche music expanding beyond Bollywood and towards Western styles; many artists (both beginners and international) are discovering the untapped potential available for their purpose to kick start a career in the field of electro/dance music.

Since getting noticed within the western music market has become so difficult due to the large amount of competition, beginners pursuing a musical career have taken a chance within India’s much smaller circle which, thankfully, turned out in their favour.

“The circle is much smaller so it might be easier for people to get known…Raw talent is as important here as anywhere else but in a sense it’s more easy-going and less strategic then it might be in the States”
(Talia Bentson quote; extracted from India’s Music Scene-the DJs and Singers Moving East, 3rd December 2012, Rajini Vaidyanathan)

This pull to India for musical career progression isn’t just influencing starters though. Bigger names and international acts have also recognised the advantages of the growing market for dance nights and music festivals in need of catering to younger adults with “disposable incomes”.

With artists such as Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta playing to sold out crowds India’s night life has become a thriving world that is continually growing and expanding in the electronic dance scene.