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Who are the hungry dance music consumers




We think that our audience has money, is passionate and has time to engage with dance … but actually only 30% of people passionate about dance / electronic music are ‘engaged consumers’

Although it may sound dry all these statistics, have you ever wondered who in the world are the real lovers of dance.  What are the demographics that support and enforce dance music- and what types of music competes with dance. What countries are the greatest lovers and creators of dance ?

● 70% of people passionate about dance / electronic music are ‘less engaged consumers’: they are either too young to have money / be clubbing, have children who have got in the way or are just not cool

● We spend too much of our time thinking about the 30% who are engaged consumers and not enough thinking about the 70% who are less-engaged consumers

We can be better at delivering experiences. This is mostly for the engaged consumers, but if we’re smart

about it we can also reach many of the less-engaged with them, too

We need to be better at delivering guidance. This is mostly for the less-engaged consumers who

desperately need guidance from trusted sources to avoid them losing contact with dance music

… US

● Dance / electronic music has only half the passion that Rock music does, even for young people. It has a

similar level of passion to Urban music. It is rivalled / beaten by Country music, even for young people.

● The US has little passion for dance (16th of 17), it has the most people who are passionate (1st of 17).

A small increase in passion would make a big difference in the number of people who are passionate. Is

that what we’ve seen in recent years: just a small change in passion that meant a big new audience?


24th May 2012

IMS 2012


© Tom Horton


… UK

● Passion for Dance / Electronic music rivals that for Rock music up to age 25. It’s consistently more loved

than Urban music. It has no rivals beyond Rock, Pop and Urban.

● One of the most passionate (4th of 17) and biggest (3rd of 17): the ‘biggest developed market’.

… US vs UK

● The most passionate age group (16-24) are only half as passionate (57%) about dance / electronic music

as they are about the biggest genre. In the UK they’re almost as passionate about dance as they are

about the genre they’re most passionate about (87%).

● There is no evidence that dance is ‘older’ or ‘younger’ in the UK or the US. The pattern by age is similar in

the UK and the US – it’s just proportionally bigger in the UK.


● In the UK dance is pretty mainstream (less engaged consumers are about 75% as passionate about

dance as the engaged consumers are) whereas in the US it’s not very mainstream at all (less-engaged

consumers are only about 56% as passionate about dance as engaged consumers are)

● Passion for the different genres of dance music are similar in the US and the UK. Except for Drum n Bass

which is more popular in the UK. And except for Techno because the word is often used in the US to

describe dance / electronic music overall.

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