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A Tomorrowland on Every Continent


Tomorrowland is a festival that should be on every EDM lovers bucket list. In 2012, 180, 000 people from around the globe attended the festival with millions more wishing they were there! Well things are looking up for all of the party goers who can only dream of flying to Belgium for Tomorrowland as the co-founders Michiel and Manu Beers confess to a Belgian newspaper about wanting to take their plans global.

“It’s our ambition to organise a Tomorrowland on every continent,”

“We have received requests for versions of Tomorrowland from all over the world. From rich Russians and Indians to promoters in Australia, the U.S. and South America. We will do it, but on our conditions, and only in places where we feel comfortable.”

They also made it clear that no short cuts will be taken if this were to happen by not committing to any dates or time restrictions.

With this news, rumours have already started flying around about a Tomorrowland in North America and I’m sure more rumours are bound to spread until we hear more official news. Nevertheless if this means our Tomorrowland dreams are that much closer, we’ll be happy to wait!!

For those hoping to get tickets to this years Tomorrowland, we wish you good luck!!

In the mean time enjoy the 2012 After Movie!!