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Cakes Da Killa



New to Rap homosexuality  ……..

There are a few dozen spots on Cakes Da Killa’s first full-length mixtape that are likely to crack you up, but the one that made me actually laugh out loud on a crowded subway platform is the breakdown in “Da Good Book” where he and a female accomplice sing the line “I’ve been thinking bout dick/ na na na na” in an off key approximation of the melody to Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”. The blend of pottymouthed humor and a Biz Markie-an performance is by no means subtle, but it can easily catch you off guard and end up making a bunch of people waiting for the G train wonder what your deal is.

Cakes’ less-than-faithful tribute to Ocean’s breakthrough single might just be a raunchy joke, but it’s also not hard to hear it as a gay rapper laughing at the Very Serious Discussion about gay rappers in media over the past year, which some no doubt very well-meaning cultural critics have included Frank Ocean in despite the fact that he’s not actually a rapper. In this interpretation Cakes seems to be asking why it should be such a big deal that a male rapper is rapping about wanting to have sex with other men. Then, as if to prove the implied point, he goes on to rap about fucking men for another six songs.

Granted, he was already doing a lot of that up to that point. Cakes is maybe the closest thing hip-hop has right now to a Lil Kim figure, a raunchy-ass bitch who absolutely owns being a raunchy-ass bitch, and has enough on-mic charisma to convince us that this is an admirable personality type. (Azealia Banks’s lack of off-mic charm disqualifies her, and Nicki Minaj is busy constructing a lane all her own.) The first time we hear Cakes on The Eulogy, after a chunk of Donna Summer’s version of “MacArthur Park” pitched up to resemble vintage Kanye chipmunk soul, it’s when he says “Pockets stay on swole, peep the mother-fucking cash flow/ niggas pay my loans just to finger fuck my asshole.” Things stay pretty much at that level from there on out. See full interview