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Listen Out line-up is here, and tickets are almost gone!

Listen Out has proven itself once again, with probably the best line-up for a single day festival this year. Here at DJ Central, we couldn’t be more stoked! the line-up is jaw-dropping, heart-stopping and mind-bendingly phenomenal. With Flumes ONLY 2014 shows, this is definitely a festival not to be missed!

They even have a sweet little video to match!

Check out the full line-up:

Chet Faker
Schoolboy Q
Four Tet
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ Set)
Yahtzel (DJ Set)
Young Fathers
Golden Features
Tkay Maidza

And as is expected with a line-up this dope, first and second round tickets sold out in the blink of an eye, but there are a few third round tickets left. So get your skates on and head over to the website now!

Fuzzy, the team behind some of Australia’s best loved festival events including Field Day, Harbourlife, Shore Thing and Parklife, is excited to bring Listen Out back in 2014.

“We were thrilled with the response of Listen Out last year. This year’s mission is to make it stand out as an even better party for smart dance music fans, with an even better lineup” says John Wall (Fuzzy Director)

Listen Out 2014 continues its philosophy of best, not biggest.

Head over to the website for more details
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Flume ignites anticipation for new album

Today, the reigning king of EDM announced via his Facebook that a “new album is very much underway.”

Let’s just take a minuet to digest that.

Flume + New Album in the making = CLEAR YOUR SCHEDUAL

Without a set release date on the album Flume has left us on the edge of our seats, biting out nails and pulling out our hair wondering when, oh WHEN, the album will be dropped.

In an interview with the Guardian, Flume expressed his struggle with producing his own material, and material that people want him to produce: “I know how to make a record that commercial radio or triple j will smash now…It’s kind of hard to stay true, and write what you would write if you didn’t have that in your head. Because I know I can get way more airplay and get this much bigger…and that’s what I’m trying to avoid doing… I just want to write another record that’s as good or better than the one I’ve already made. That’s my main goal, to follow up stronger than before.”

And while you with riddled with anxiety for the new album, refresh your memory of classic flume, Holdin’ On

source via inthemix 


Flume + Lorde = Florde remix just released

Here it is fellow music lovers! Flume has kept his promise and finally dropped the bomb, releasing his personalised remix of Lorde’s hit, Tennis Court.

So it’s no surprise to see that the remix is already receiving a lot of online attention since its release on Youtube this morning. Give it till the end of the day and the track will probably go viral and be replayed in every club in Australia. Not that we’re complaining considering this track is a great follow up to Flume’s previous remix of Disclosure’s hit track, You & Me. It’s also refreshing to hear a new track from Flume as it’s been a while since his last release since he’s been busy on tour throughout the US, including his recent gig at Coachella.

So without further adieu ladies and gentlemen, here is the track you’ve been waiting for:

Source via inthemix.com.au



Is Flume the next AC/DC for Australia?

The rising wonderproducer in the EDM scene, Flume (aka Harley Straten), is doing Australia proud in the music industry. Not only has he received countless AIR and ARIA awards for his first platinum album self-titled Flume, he is also receiving a lot of attention across the globe with sell-out gigs for his Prism tour in Europe and the US. Flume has even managed to convince one of Britain’s biggest  music journalists, Phoebe Hurst, to move to Australia to get on board the next biggest hub in the music scene. She’s even identified him as being the next big thing in the Australian music scene since AC/DC and Natalie Imbruglia

Here’s an excerpt from her article on her decision to move to Australia after attending Flume’s prism tour in Britain, “But as the lights dimmed, I sensed that something potentially life-changing (or at least more life changing than the season six finale of Real Housewives of Orange County) was about to happen. A moist surge of bodies propelled me towards the infinity prism and Flume entered the stage. The front row went from polite to pit within seconds, LEDs flashed and, at the centre of it all, Harley Streten ducked the bass dives and ecstatically gurned out the peaks. In the midst of the euphoria, with the semi-pornographic visuals of ‘You and Me’ searing into my eyes, I finally admitted defeat: Australia might just have the coolest music scene in the world.”

Phoebe Hurst will soon be writing for pedestrian.tv and most likely, several of Australia’s biggest music magazines as well. To check out her full story on her sudden epiphany to move to Australia to join our rising music scene, you can read the full article here. It’s a really good read so we recommend to check it out, heck, she might even get you foreigners to move to Australia as well! We have some pretty wicked artists in the EDM scene. Just take a look at the megamix of the best songs in Flume’s platinum album and see what Australia has to offer in the EDM music scene…not bad ay? Aussie pride right here!

Source via pedestrian.tv


Flume the 12 year old genius

After stumbling across a track he whipped together when he 12, it is safe to say that making music is definitely fused into Flume’s genes.

‘Hectic Sausage’ is the name of this creation, displaying an array of catchy beats and yes, of course that crucial drop. Sounding like something that would’ve been played in an underground club, it most definitely would have shocked his parents, especially alongside a visual of young flume raving away.

Shocking or not, this definitely deserves a pat on the back for sure! Listen to it here and put it in the playlist.

Source: Pedestrian.tv