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Flume the 12 year old genius

After stumbling across a track he whipped together when he 12, it is safe to say that making music is definitely fused into Flume’s genes.

‘Hectic Sausage’ is the name of this creation, displaying an array of catchy beats and yes, of course that crucial drop. Sounding like something that would’ve been played in an underground club, it most definitely would have shocked his parents, especially alongside a visual of young flume raving away.

Shocking or not, this definitely deserves a pat on the back for sure! Listen to it here and put it in the playlist.

Source: Pedestrian.tv 


Flume Gets A 10-Minute Piano Medley Cover

If you haven’t already caught up with the hype of Flume, it’s time you should because the Sydney-based hitmaker is getting more and more recognition by the hour. It’s only been months since the release of the album and Flume has already had a remarkable 10 minute piano medley cover done by a Youtube fan. The 21 year-old was so impressed with the fan’s cover, that he posted it on his Facebook page.

You can check out the youtube video below.


Source: www.pedestrian.tv/news/music


Flume Looking For Makeout Sesh For His New Vid

Sorry ladies, unfortunately it won’t be with Flume himself.

The young music producer announced to his Facebook fans that he is searching for a “cute” couple that are willing to get into a makeout sesh which will be featured in his latest video to accompany his Disclosure remix live show.

So all you cute couples out there (sorry to the other non-cute ones–the flume wants what the flume wants), check out Flume’s facebook profile for more information.

Source: www.pedestrian.tv/news


Flume recreates a smash hit, again!

Not only has Flume’s reputation and fan-base expanded significantly over the past 12 months, but so has his portfolio of successful high-profile artist remixes.

He has just released his latest. So spend your saturday partying it up to this new remix of Yolanda Be Cool’s track A Baru In New York. 

Listen here: