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M.I.A. does a stunning remix of Queen Bey’s ***Flawless.

Released on her twitter page, M.I.A. dropped her remix of Beyonce’s ***Flawless with the message “Beyonce Camp has not replied for months > SO HERE>”

It appears the hardworking and highly opinionated rapper has been trying to set up a collaboration with Beyonce for a while now, so perhaps its Bey’s own fault for not jumping at the opportunity.

The remix outshines the original by a mile, stripping the original to its bare minimum and instead lathering it with typical M.I.A. sound-scapes. Taking the track into M.I.A.’s raw and punchy world of sharp and alert beats, M.I.A. keeps her trademark style evident throughout the track, while simultaneously using scorching echoes of Bey’s vocals.

This is definitely one of the essential anthems that won’t go unrecognised this year, bringing on a huge element of edgy and blatantly loud mixes of the commercial world right into our electro-house music territory.

source via MTV Australia and Tone Deaf