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EDM creates new ball-park for FIFA 2014

Fat Boy Slim has collaborated with an epic team of EDM king-pins to produce an un-official anthem for the 2014 World Cup!

Special creative minds include Diplo, DJ Fresh, Fedde Le Grand, Nervo, Carl Cox, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, to produce the EDM anthem.

The single, Eparrei is a fusion of EDM and South American culture, featuring local Brazilian acts such as electro group Bonde Do Role, Felguk and DJ Marky

The single is set to be featured on Slim’s new album Bem Brasil, featuring remixes of classic Brazilian music and some brand spanking new tunes!

The conceptual album aims to capture both sides of Brazilian lifestyle, day and night, and to express love for the country and culture. Enter the World Cup. We mostly associate soccer and Brazil to almost be one and the same, so it comes as no surprise the Fatboy Slim should choose to release his album that aims to embody the essence of Brazil around this time.

Slim brought together friends and peers to reflect his lifetime at the forefront of international dance music. Showcasing friends from the start of slim’s career to ones of the latest generation, his new album promises to ignite the party scene for the world cup and also produce a new spin on EDM as it is today.

Bem Brasil is set to be released 26th May

Have a listen to the unofficial world cup anthem teaser:

Source via: Elite Daily  and Fiji Live


Fatboy Slim Fools Crowd With Daft Punk Prank!

Fatboy Slim, you’ve done it again!

After performing 6 secret shows in Glasto, during one of the intimate yet epic performances, Fatboy Slim decided to take the show up a notch. Two impersonators wearing Daft Punk helmets appeared on stage pretending to cameo the set during Fatboy Slims’ remix of ‘Get Lucky‘. As you can imagine, the stunt had the whole crowd erupting with screams of sheer joy and excitement. It wasn’t long before the fans figured out the stunt as the two impersonators moved around the set as Fatboy’s backup dancers. Guess the audience didn’t ‘get lucky’ after all.

Anyway, here’s the prank for you to watch and enjoy.


Fatboy Slim 30.04

Fatboy Slim praises Daft Punk

In a interview with Daily Star, Norman Cook – who we know as Fatboy Slim, has praised Daft Punk‘s latest work. He dubs them as ‘the last great dance music supergroup you’ll ever hear,’ and claims that all EDM artists, himself included, have, and will receive ‘a kick up the ass,’ from their 4th studio album.

He describes their work as “a breath of fresh old-school air,” and it is reported that he is putting the next Fatboy Slim album on hold to work with Random Access Memories collaborators.

Source: Dancingastronaut

VEVO Carnival 2013 in Brazil Announces Stream


Recently, VEVO has announced that they will have a live stream of Carnaval in Brazil 2013. The event features many great acts in all entertainment, including dance music and EDM. We have the Pop acts such as Ne-Yo, but we also have the names of Calvin Harris and Tinie Tempah just to name a few.


FEB 8 || 02:00 GMT featuring Bob Sinclar || 05:00 GMT featuring Chiclete Com Banana 

FEB 9 || 03:30 GMT featuring DJ Likny || 05:00 GMT featuring Morgana || 06:30 GMT featuring Alesso

FEB 10 || 05:00 GMT featuring Nervo || 06:30 GMT featuring Pete The Zouk

FEB 11 || 04:00 GMT  featuring Tinie Tempah || 05:30 GMT Fatboy Slim || 07:00 GMT featuring Tom Star

FEB 12 || 05:00 GMT featuring Mason || 06:30 GMT Calvin Harris 

FEB 13 || 03:00 GMT featuring Wally Lopez || 05:00 GMT featuring Ne-Yo || 06:00 GMT featuring Naldo


Ultra Music Festival Phase 2 Lineup

After Ultra Music Festival‘s Phase 1 lineup we knew that the standards for Phase 2 were going to be pretty high but they’ve definitely gone above and beyond to pump out this epic lineup!! Check it out:

If you can get to Miami, be there and you will see why Ultra Music Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the world!! Remember this year the festival is held on two consecutive weekends for there is plenty of opportunity to catch some of the biggest EDM artists in the world!!

Ultra Music Festival Phase One Lineup and Teaser

Running into it’s 15th year Miami’s Ultra Music Festival continues to grow bigger and better than ever before.  Held over two weekends, March 15-17 and March 22-24 Ultra Music Festival is set to provide an experience like no other.

After being leaked by Avicii, Ultra Music festival have confirmed the Phase One lineup which boasts a lineup of DJs and live acts that would put many other festivals to shame. As well as the lineup announcement, Swedish House Mafia have also confirmed that Ultra Music Festival will be the final show of their ‘One Last Tour’.

Check out the Phase One teaser below:


Ultra Music Festival have already started building hype for the Phase two announcement which will complete ‘what is surely to go down as one of ULTRA’s greatest line-ups ever!’ so stay tuned!

The complete lineup so far: