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Knife Party release new track!

Yesterday Earstorm Records released Knife Party‘s Third EP, titled ‘Haunted House.’ The first single to drop from their latest work is LRAD.

The duo previewed their new music to fans at ultra Music earlier in March, but this is the first time  you can hear their new mixes, in full.

The following tracks to complete their EP, Power Glove & EDM death Machine will be available for your ear pleasure shortly.

Listen here:

Via Inthemix.com.au


FLUX PAVILLION.. would love to write an ambient album.


Flux pavilion has recently released his 8-track EP ‘Blow The Roof,’ after expressing that he was working to release an album.  His latest work is very standard Flux Style- heavy drops and a great sound palette, however, he expressed that he ‘took a couple of tracks off because they didn’t really fit,’ hence, the change to an EP. In an interview with Inthemix.com he expressed that while he has been doing collaborations with people like Chilidsh Gambino and Steve Aoki, he has a deep interest in writing an ambient album that will hold some of the tracks that were withheld from his latest release.

What a change of pace! We’ll keep you posted!

Read the full interview here:  http://www.inthemix.com.au



Mantis- New Release

The US duo Mantis released their track ‘turbine’ in November last year, giving us a taste of what to expect from their 2013 EP and setting the bar high! On march 4th,  ‘EPLISON’ dropped and has been climbing the charts since. Their latest work has hit #2 on beatport and has been sitting comfortably in the top 5 since its release. Great work guys!

Take a listen and download: http://www.beatport.com


KillSonik – Slaughterhouse

Another upload by wobblecraftduz and just as brilliant as all the others!

Perfect dubstep with a killer name to boot…I swear it’s not a screamo as the name may make it sound, you’ll love this one on your playlist and be sure to start following wobblecraftdubz YouTube channel, there’s some killer beats on there!



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Fun remix from Gemini for KillSonik’s latest release on MTA Records.

Purchase ‘Where The River Runs Black’ EP here:http://btprt.dj/Wm1CCP


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© Art by Justin Maller:

Hot Off The Press

Jezzabell Doran

Jezzabell Doran, this scrumptious little morsel of a sex kitten is set to release her new EP featuring remixes and the original of the hit song Sleepless. The song rose to fame with its remix by award winning producer Flume. However, Jezzabell has stripped it back to melt people in its original form, with its beautiful use of acoustic guitar and soulful vocals. The focus of the EP however, is the song Sleepless remixed by Vanshe Tech. An incredible local producer, who has redefined the song into a more dance orientated feel that will have you singing in the shower in the car – you just won’t be able to get it out of your head.


The song originally written by Jesse Sewell, when both he and Jezzabell were in a two-piece called Anthony for Cleopatra -was picked up by Harley Streten, aka Flume in 2011, where he then entered it onto various competitions and picked up 2nd place. This gained him the attention of independent Label Future Classic. From there, the song was released on his Aria award-winning album of 2012.

Due to the hype around Sleepless, which was the favoured song for promotion and release by Future Classic, Manager Andrew James Hawkins sought out Jezzabell to collaborate with and subsequently organised Vanshe Tech to produce Sleepless and various other remixes by big international artist.

The song speaks of the ultimate struggle of love, power, independence and girl power. A message Jezzabell hopes to make clear and empower her listeners. In a recent interview, Jezzabell described Sleepless and what it actually means to her. ‘The song sleepless is about being alone and sleepless, about guys treating girls like crap and about the struggle to regain self esteem and confidence. Ultimately it is about girl power- not needing a man that makes you feel like you are theirs to keep – making you feel like you would rather be alone then have them control you,’

               belle 1

Originally starting out as a folk indie musician Jezzabell has changed and adapt her musical direction into EDM stating a need to stay current with her audience.  Her second EP is set to be released very soon and will be produced by local up and coming producer Edward McDonald.

The songs on the EP portray a message of love and heart break and dark internal conflict, however running through her songs are many strong messages that will capture the hearts of all who listen to her music


Brisbane locals Vivvid have just released their new EP. After a few quiet years of exploration and song writing, the boys have released songs that are set to make them the new up and coming stars on the Brisbane music scene.


The stars of vivid – Hamish Hood on lead vocals and guitar, Ryan Parisi on guitar and vocals. These two extraordinary artists have been making music since they were in grade nine followed shortly by Shaun Ferrero on bass in Year twelve and Stewart Geddes on Drums. Now a few years on they are wowing crowds with their music prowess and demanding stage presences. Vivvid is an incredible band to see live, which is truly the rawest and best platform to experience all that is Vivvid.

vivvid 1

The boys eat, drink and a lot of other things together, as self professed lovers of Motley Crew the boys typify the partying life style which can be seen thoughtfully portrayed in their music. However, surprisingly enough, it is ultimately this partying lifestyle that  led the boys to take their music seriously and carve out a path of success. The songs on the EP are reflectively written, as they follow the story of the boys striving to make their mark and the ups and downs along the way with dodgy producers and con artist making the ride to success just that little bit more interesting. Check them out here !


Flux Pavilion – “Blow The Roof”


Flux Pavilion’s newly uploaded track, entitled “Blow The Roof” is basically the all rounded club scene house track. I’d be sure to hear this in a nightclub getting people up and dancing. Even with its recent release on Youtube, listeners have already commented on how much they love this new track. One comment states “NEW FLUX PAVILION OH MY GOD YES” with already its the second highest liked comment!

Obviously this track is meant for our ears, and for nightclub DJ’s to play to blow the roof off the place! Yes that is lyrical reference! Check out the song by clicking play below and let us know what you think of it.


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Blow The Roof (EP) is released worldwide on the 28th January.

Pre-order the EP now

Listen to more on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/flux-pavilion