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Modulation – The Shire (original Mix)

Check out this latest original house/electro mix track by Modulation “The Shire”; it’ll be a little something to cheer you up for the end of Hump day!!


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Published on 22 Mar 2013

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PIRATE BAY – Savant Ft Twistex


Feeling beachy and cheerful? Or maybe you feel like chilling out on a cruise in the middle of the Caribbean soaking in some sun when the sudden urge to party hits you? Well, Savant and Twistex have officially created the cure for your blues!

With their upbeat mix of intro accordion and ravers dubstep thrown in throughout the track ‘Pirate bay’ truly is a rare jewel in this world of music. So be sure to take the time and listen because Savant and Twistex WILL NOT disappoint.

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ElectrostepNetwork: Savant – Vario 64 (Original Mix) [Free DL]



This track has samples of plenty things from the video game of Super Mario to the song “I Know I Can” by Nas. The beginning of the track sounds like something out of a video game, then it kicks off to be a very raw sound of instrumental synthesizers and samples a bit of dance with the drumkit.  After the one minute mark, elements of house and raw dubstep can be heard, no doubt. Bringing back childhood memories to those who have played Mario and have listened to the track from Nas  when it was released in early 2000, and giving it a modern day feel with elements of dance, dubstep and house! Awesome track. Let me know what you thought of the song by commenting below!