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Booka Shade Interviewed

Booka Shade has always been an integral step in officialising yourself as a true house/electro/dubstep nut! With their constantly unique sounds, changing images and hella-sweet beats your crazy if you haven’t gotten around to seeing them live yet.

Live or not though, DJ Central found a great interview on pulse that is worth a read as Arno discusses progression, technology and the blurring of boundaries between acoustics and electronic music.

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Source: www.pulseradio.net


Uploaded on 13 Nov 2011

Booka Shade – Live @ Creamfields Buenos Aires 2011 – 12.11.2011

Tributes to DJ Ajax

One of Australia’s most beloved DJ’s, Adrian Thomas aka DJ Ajax died in Melbourne earlier this week.  The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Adrian had died after being struck by a truck in the Melbourne suburb Parkville, “It’s believed the man ran in front of the north-bound truck on College Crescent shortly before 1am. He died at the scene,” a Victoria Police spokeswoman confirmed.

DJ Ajax had taken out the title for Australia’s #1 DJ in the inthemix awards in 2006 and 2007, ranking in the top 5 every year from 2005-2009. Adrian Thomas was recognised as a truly talented man as he transitioned and progress in his career from DJ to promoter to record label and artist manager.

Australia is devestaed at such a huge loss in the music world and all here at DJ Central wish his family all the support and love in during this hard time.

Source: www.inthemix.com.au

DJ Ajax

Daft Punk 06.03

The Return Of Daft Punk?!


It seems that messages and rumors are afloat regarding the genius club/dance/electro duo Daft Punk. With a cryptic image posted on there rarely active Facebook page, fans are a buzz with the possibility that Daft Punk may be releasing a new album after an eight year gap since their last release “Human After All”.

According to French newspaper Le Parisian, the dynamic duo has apparently found a new home with record production company, Columbia, and are looking to release their fourth EP during European spring (that is March, April or May). Are the rumors true? Will there be a new tour on the horizon in the year of 2013?! I guess all we can do is cross our fingers, pray and watch every social webpage and media outlet for news on this dynamic duos return in gracing our lives once more with their brilliance in house/electro music production!!

Source: www.inthemix.com.au


Allo allo our beautiful people!

DJ Central is very happy to inform you that our second monthly poll will be up and running VERY soon…how exciting!!

This month we have picked out four DJ’s who have featured on our show and my Lord did they make it shine.

So give me a drum beat please ddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and our four lucky nominees areeee:



FLIGHT FACILITIES- thunderous applause

And last but not least

DJ HAVANA BROWN- that sexy little minx

Remember to pick your favourite’s and let us know who YOU want us to feature on the webpage