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Saturday Night Live delves into the mystical realm of EDM….and it is perfect!

Party-goers start to loose their minds, the Bass Drop is a never ending cycle of anxiety about when it will drop, the DJ doesn’t know how to DJ…. Sound familiar?

Well, the infamous Saturday Night Live comedy sketch crew, The Lonely Island have upheld their reputation for providing spot-on parodies and hilariously accurate depictions of the headcases to flood every stereotypes favourite scene. But this time, they turned the attention onto YOUR scene.

Yep that’s right, EDM was in the firing range for the latest sketch last night.

The latest addition to their Digital Short series turns the attention onto those punters of the EDM scene. The accurate parody shows an exact replica of a night out on the town, hitting the coolest of the cool clubs and introducing the fictitious superstar DJ Davvincii, one who seems absurdly similar to our favourite Swede.

Check out the sketch below and tell us if you think it’s an accurate recount of your nights out:

source via: THUMP 


Afrojack doesn’t think he’s famous enough

“There’s nothing better than making music and hearing 3,000 people chant, ‘Afrojack! Afrojack!’ People are looking – now it’s time for me to kick ass.” – Afrojack

In a recent interview with Billboard, Afrojack confesses he wants to go commercial, he want’s to be known by more people, he wants crowds to chant his name in unison: He wants to rule the world.

OK, maybe not so far as ruling the world, be he really does want to pursue a similar career path to David Guetta and Avicii.

This new plan of attack can be seen in his upcoming album Forget the World. With the lead single Ten Feet Tall already reaching no. 14 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart dated May 17, we’d say he’s well on his way to topping the charts.

Afrojack wants to  become exclusive, by cutting down his usual 25 gigs per month to 20 per month, he wants to focus on getting headliner slots at top-of-the-range festivals and clubs.

He is the rock star of house music:

“I’m not EDM…If I wanted to be a successful EDM artist, I wouldn’t put 80 percent of everything back into the show. I would be chilling, demanding 20 hotel rooms, playing for one-and-a-half hours and being miserable as f-. But I don’t want to be an EDM artist – I want to make something that people can be proud of.”

The bee-line to the commercial industry is evident in his new album as it hosts special guests such as snoop-dogg (or is it Lion/Zilla/Magician these days?), Wiz Khalifa, Devin Cruise and Sting?

HE says: “I want to make an album my grandma and my fans are going to like,” says Afrojack. “I want to make my grandma understand a drop and make club fans understand a song.”

Source via Billboard


Is Flume the next AC/DC for Australia?

The rising wonderproducer in the EDM scene, Flume (aka Harley Straten), is doing Australia proud in the music industry. Not only has he received countless AIR and ARIA awards for his first platinum album self-titled Flume, he is also receiving a lot of attention across the globe with sell-out gigs for his Prism tour in Europe and the US. Flume has even managed to convince one of Britain’s biggest  music journalists, Phoebe Hurst, to move to Australia to get on board the next biggest hub in the music scene. She’s even identified him as being the next big thing in the Australian music scene since AC/DC and Natalie Imbruglia

Here’s an excerpt from her article on her decision to move to Australia after attending Flume’s prism tour in Britain, “But as the lights dimmed, I sensed that something potentially life-changing (or at least more life changing than the season six finale of Real Housewives of Orange County) was about to happen. A moist surge of bodies propelled me towards the infinity prism and Flume entered the stage. The front row went from polite to pit within seconds, LEDs flashed and, at the centre of it all, Harley Streten ducked the bass dives and ecstatically gurned out the peaks. In the midst of the euphoria, with the semi-pornographic visuals of ‘You and Me’ searing into my eyes, I finally admitted defeat: Australia might just have the coolest music scene in the world.”

Phoebe Hurst will soon be writing for pedestrian.tv and most likely, several of Australia’s biggest music magazines as well. To check out her full story on her sudden epiphany to move to Australia to join our rising music scene, you can read the full article here. It’s a really good read so we recommend to check it out, heck, she might even get you foreigners to move to Australia as well! We have some pretty wicked artists in the EDM scene. Just take a look at the megamix of the best songs in Flume’s platinum album and see what Australia has to offer in the EDM music scene…not bad ay? Aussie pride right here!

Source via pedestrian.tv