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Tomorrowland Australia is not happening

The Facebook page for Tomorrowland Australia 2014 has attracted over 45 000 fans and brought hope to the southern hemisphere fans of EDM.

However, if the opportunity to meet & greet with Daft Punk isn’t enough to believe its fake, it has been confirmed that Tomorrowland has no plans to come down under.

Full story here @ inthemix.com.au.


Tomorrowworld’s first lineup revealed

The younger brother of the infamous ‘Tomorrowland’ has released its first lineup. Tomorrowworld has jumped pond to debut in America, and has collected a fine first release to do so. With the likes of Axwell, Savoy & Nit Grit headline the first release, it is shaping up as one festival that’s going on everyone’s ‘DONT MISS’ list.