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Ban on EDM at Congress Theatre

It’s heavy, it’s a ban and it’s here to stay.  After hosting some of the biggest names in EDM like Skrillex, Steve Aoki and Rusko, the Congress Theatre in Chicago has permanently said goodbye to this genre of music.

This hasn’t come out of spite, more so it was a neighbourhood of people who were sick of wearing earplugs.  Fans of EDM know that having a DJ pump out the tunes is like any good concert but on steroids.  The level of music is consistently louder, the venue can often make less money on alcohol sales and following the concert, locals witness a horde of crazies looking for an after party.  We love it regardless!

The Congress Theatre hasn’t been in operation for over a year after a losing their liquor license and locals have suggested that the venue has always had an issue with crowd control.  This shouldn’t reflect poorly on one particular genre of music, especially as it rises in popularity.  However there are locals sitting on the other side of the fence who are of the opinion that they could be using this ban to hide internal problems.

There will be no turnaround in the agreement though, as the conditions extend to “the business address, the licensee, and to all officers, managers, partners, and direct or indirect owners of the licensed entity”.  It then continues to include “the sale of the business to other person purchasing the stock or membership units of the licensed entity does not void the conditions of this Plan of Operations.”  In the plan, signed by Mr Carranza and local liquor commissioner Gregory Steadman, for the venue to stay in the game, all but traditional instruments will be used for the performance space.  Sorry, game over EDM!

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