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Annie Mac

Dublins own native BBC radio DJ Annie Mac has been a huge hit at the recent Stereosonic  Festival.


Despite coming from a musical family (her brother Davey is The Crimea’s lead singer), the possibility of a career in music didn’t occur to Dublin’s Annie MacManus until she reached university. “I had big dreams of being an actor, but when it came to having a career in music, it didn’t even cross my mind,” she tells me, in the lead up to a tour that will see her play at Sydney’s Stereosonic over the weekend. “It wasn’t until I heard Radio 1 when I was in my late teens – and heard people like Mary Anne Hobbs and John Peel… It was like, ‘God, this would be something I would love to do’.”

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Inspired, MacManus undertook additional studies in radio and started gaining experience behind the scenes at the BBC, while also presenting on student radio networks. Just three years later she had her own BBC show, and not long after that she’d cemented her reputation as one of electronic music’s premier tastemakers. “The lovely thing about the BBC is that you really do have complete creative freedom,” she says. “I’ve always been able to play what I’ve wanted, and I’ve always had the trust of my bosses to do that. Because my radio show has done quite well and my career has flourished, I’ve kept doing that. I’ve kept playing and supporting what I’ve wanted to… Your taste can’t be wrong; it can only be your taste. There’s no right or wrong. If other people like it, amazing – and if they don’t, well, that’s absolutely fine too.” full article here.