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“Flight” with Drumstep

This is about the sexiest drumbeat song you will ever hear!

Created by Tristam & Brakem, Flight is a unique mix of beats that will get you swaying to the rhythm eyes closed and mind wide open.

Flight is truly named for taking you on a harmonic journey for 3 minutes and 40 seconds


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Published on 15 Feb 2013

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A Guide to Clubbing: Visitors Pocket Book!

Visiting Sydney for the first time? New to the area and don’t know what to do with your nights? Looking for a good place to chill or rave or boogie away but have absolutely NO idea where to go?

Well, here’s a quick guide to a few hot spots around town for all music flavours and interests:

Indie Lovers: Sydney’s got some venues well up to the task to satisfy all your indie music needs.

  • FBi Social, spin-off venue to local community station FBi Radio, gets its fair amount of amazing local and international artists on to its stages.
  • The Exchange is made up of joint venues, Q Bar, Spectrum and Phoenix, all of which bring to you a variety of indie bands, hip hop and techno till beyond dawn.
  • Club 77, your club of choice for a very messy night! This venue brings Goth metal, dubstep, rave and filthy electro you, can’t be expecting to leave Clubb 77 unscathed!

House and Electro Lovers: To all you ravers out there, here’s a few venues that will keep you up past 6am

  • One22, located in a little hideaway on Pitt Street, is a jewel of solid house and techno beats blasting over an insane sound system.
  • Spice Cellar, the home of legendary Sydney day club Spice, is a little classier than One22 but filled with the same filthy techno beats to satisfy any raver; Plus it’s a prefect midway point for any club and bar hopper.
  • Not too far away form Spice Cellar is Civic Underground, set up with a crazy sound system it has been home to the likes of Kyle Hall and Rick Wade, Space Dimension Controller and Vladislav delay.

Mainstream Crowd Pleasers: These venues speak for themselves in what they have in store for you.

  • The Marquee, found in Sydney Casino, The Star, this Las Vegas style venue brings in some major international acts through its doors. With it’s massive sound system and crazy set up its no wonder Djs such as Avicii and Calvin Harris have graced its stage. Be warned though, this place is expensive!! Entry alone averages $40, drinks at about $10 minimum and if your looking to book a table well you could probably travel Europe twice with what you need to drop.
  • The Ivy is a little more affordable to an average person like us. With a number of different rooms to satisfy each electro, dance, mainstream taste, The Ivy boasts a high reputation for a good night out; just keep in mind dress code…they are VERY strict and if you can get yourself on a guest list your chances of finding your way inside will definitely double!

R’N’B and Hip Hop Lovers: There’s quite a few local gems in Sydney that give you great R’N’B and Hip Hop acts

  • The Metro Theatre is the main venue of choice for major Hip Hop touring acts in Sydney with Kendrick Lamar cruising its stages during the summer.
  • Goodgod is another decent location found amongst Sydney’s night life.
  • Spanish Restaurants around Sydney also tend to book some decent live acts of Hip-Hop and R’N’B just be sure to check out their events pages online for specifics.
  • Phoenix at Exchange also hosts monthly R’nB and Hip Hop nights

Dubstep, Trap and D’N’B lovers: If your looking for more bass in your nights there’s a few choice places you can head to.

  • Chinese Laundry, don’t worry the name is not what you think! This venue is one of Sydney’s biggest and most rspected clubs. With an amazing reputation for great music and an even better night Chinese Laundry tends to be every clubbers starting point, attracting legendary internationals  and local labels.

Source:  www.au.timeout.com

The Iniquitious Sessions Episode #36

Check out The Iniquitious Sessions insane promo mix of the newest underground and mainstream Electro and House beats to help kick of 2013.

Showcasing some of the most heavenly dupstep and drumstep beats in this hour length mix The Iniquitious Sessions will definitely getting you raging along!

Also, for all you curious cats out there and artist supporters here’s a track list of the whose who featured throughout, courtesy of The Iniquitious Sessions themselves.

Track List:
0:00 Loadstar ft. Benny Banks – Black & White (Rack ‘n’ Ruin Remix)
2:18 Eddie Thoneick – One Good Reason
4:50 Digital Freq – Pounding Venus
5:50 Deorro – Hands Up
7:50 :DFace – End All
9:50 Joan Reyes & Heren ft. Amba Shepherd – Perfect Crime (Fareoh Remix)
12:20 A.C.N. – Gush (Gravity Horizon Remix)
13:20 Miike Snow – Bavarian #1 (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Extended Remix)
15:05 Peter Luts – One More Night
17:20 Infernal – From Paris to Berlin (Slap & Tickle Remix)
19:21 Ninjetics – How To Fly
21:09 PIXL – Pudding
23:05 RedVelvetSquared – Time Lapse
25:43 Paris Burns – Project A
27:17 Cyrex – Bicycle
29:13 Ray Foxx ft. Lovelle – The Trumpeter
31:15 ADN – Mason
32:30 Pilgrim – Quiet Till Drop
34:50 The Kickstarts & Filip Llic – Hype
36:15 Kaster – Rage Quit
38:14 Freefire – Rules Like Gravity (Split & Jaxta Remix)
40:35 Captain Panic! – Insane in the Mainframe
42:09 Joachim Garraud & Alesia – Nox (Mercer Remix)
44:40 Charlie Darker – Nomad
46:55 Pelussje – The King is Dead
48:40 Aylesbury – Surrender (Gimbal and Sinan Remix)
50:57 Royksopp Ft. Robyn – The Girl and the Robot (Ocelot Remix)
52:50 Soulero – Werk It
54:50 John Dahlback & Ron Carrol – Don’t Be Silent
57:17 Sonic Green – Apoje

Free Download @ https://soundcloud.com/diabolikal/tis36

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