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Claude VonStroke- DirtyBird

As all you Claude VonStroke fans are aware, I’m sure, The DirtyBird Chief himself, will be playing at The Ivy on Australia Day 2013 from 12pm-8pm.

Starting his DJ/producer career on a very random note, VonStroke has truly brought some great music to the Australian clubbing scene that we all have come to respect and love!
Even if his stage name came in to life through some odd ball, happen-stance joke after agreeing to play a birthday that introduced him as such, there is no doubt in the talent Barclay Crenshaw (real name) exudes on stage and in his tracks.

So if your looking for a set that’s going to give you some kicking “ghetto-booty bass, drum ‘n’ bass and hip-hop that were crafted into house tracks” then the Ivy is the place to be. Plus our bass master will also be bringing along with him some extra hands from his record label who will be helping to bring a bit of extra flavour to your party day.

A full interview with Claude VonStroke can be found at www.au.timeout.com and tickets to the Dirty Bird Garden even can be found here.
Tickets range from $35-$50