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Hodor’s Rave Of Thrones

If you are Game of Thrones enthusiast, you will most likely be found in a one of Australia’s major city clubs at some time in the next few months dancing in a mob and chanting Hodor, Hodor, Hodor!  This is no normal gathering or convention, more what could only be described as the love child of deep house music and the Seven Kingdoms.

Australia is to see the first of Kristian Nairn’s Game of Thrones themed raves, suitably named Rave of Thrones.  There will be ‘a range of surprise guests and garnishings’ and obviously fancy dress is required.  Nairn promises us that he will ‘keep his mind very much switched on’, which is quite the opposite skill on which he relies to portray his TV character Hodor.

Who would have guessed this well-known actor is also a reputable DJ of 11 years in Belfast’s house music scene.  ‘For one night only in every capital across this land venues will be transformed into the finest halls of Westeros’ declares the press release, and we will be invited to experience this fusion of television’s popular culture and deep house music at its best.  Hodor.

Source:  rollingstone.com, mashable.com