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It’s curious to know who really makes the cogs turn in EDM.  Who is really making and breaking the deals and how much power do they have?  You’d be surprised to know that many DJs have been self-starters and have created labels of their own to help push their career forward as well as to nourish the careers of young hopefuls.   Not all have stood the test of time, but if we shine the spotlight on big players like Skrillex and Diplo, we find that these household names are doing much more than just playing us a hit or two, they also have the key to the candy shop.

Skrillex for instance is the founder of OWSLA, signing on some of the newest players in EDM such as Zedd, Porter Robinson, Jack Beats and Kill the Noise.  So not only has this six Grammy Award winning DJ and producer been worshiped by our mainstream radios for his music alone, but he has also taken a gamble and succeeded in controlling some of the next biggest EDM artist around.

This goes for Diplo too, who spearheaded the label Mad Decent in 2005.  Baauer’s Harlem Shake is under this label, along with artists like Flosstradamus, Rusko, Zeds Dead and Snoop Dogg’s reggae project Snoop Lion.  Furthermore, Mad Decent made Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Music, at a well earned number five.

Armin Van Buuren and an abundance of other DJ/producers are playing the same game and reaching further than the decks to take on a whole other side of business.  Some may fold, but for a decent number of players, they hold a royal flush.

Source:  www.billboard.com

Diplo And Skrillex Collaboration “Jack U” Set To Release Full Length Album

It seems Skrillex and Diplo are getting ready to release an album together under the collaboration name Jack U.

Skrillex has previously revealed that the duo would be releasing five tracks later in the year, but now Diplo has let the cat out of the bag that a full length album is on the way, which is news that makes us very excited!

You can catch Jack U when they headline at Electric Zoo in New York this August. Or get a taste of what to expect from the new album by watching the Jack U set from this years Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Read more about Jack U here.

Sourve Via: Inthemix

Skrillex: ready to drop some new mixes!

Q: What could be better than a Transformers movie?
A: A Transformers movie that has music production by the legendary Skrillex!

Yep! That’s right! Skrillex is currently working on sound design for the next transformers movie creating “the craziest Skrillex sounds I could ever make,” He told Billboard in a recent interview.

Among other things, he spoke about teaming up with Diplo to make some more jaw dropping sounds. “I’ve just known him for so long, and we’ve made so many records together,” Skrillex says. “It’s just a lot of fun for him and I to get in the studio and make jokes and just really try to come up with the most annoying sounds ever. What we try to do is make the stupidest thing ever and make it actually work — that’s our only thing. The thing about the music I make and the music he makes is that even though it might sound different, sonically, we always take this, like, fun approach to making music rather than taking it too seriously. So we’ll see what comes out of this.”

Also, if you’re heading to Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival you’re in for a treat! Skrillex is going to curate an all star Skrillex and Friends Superjam! I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s gonna be surprises, man. It’s gonna be a fun time for sure,” Skrillex says. “I basically hand-picked everyone and all the artists are actually friends and people that I’ve met over the years and worked with, so it’s gonna be fun.”

Here’s a taste of what’s to come!

source via: Billboard

EDM creates new ball-park for FIFA 2014

Fat Boy Slim has collaborated with an epic team of EDM king-pins to produce an un-official anthem for the 2014 World Cup!

Special creative minds include Diplo, DJ Fresh, Fedde Le Grand, Nervo, Carl Cox, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, to produce the EDM anthem.

The single, Eparrei is a fusion of EDM and South American culture, featuring local Brazilian acts such as electro group Bonde Do Role, Felguk and DJ Marky

The single is set to be featured on Slim’s new album Bem Brasil, featuring remixes of classic Brazilian music and some brand spanking new tunes!

The conceptual album aims to capture both sides of Brazilian lifestyle, day and night, and to express love for the country and culture. Enter the World Cup. We mostly associate soccer and Brazil to almost be one and the same, so it comes as no surprise the Fatboy Slim should choose to release his album that aims to embody the essence of Brazil around this time.

Slim brought together friends and peers to reflect his lifetime at the forefront of international dance music. Showcasing friends from the start of slim’s career to ones of the latest generation, his new album promises to ignite the party scene for the world cup and also produce a new spin on EDM as it is today.

Bem Brasil is set to be released 26th May

Have a listen to the unofficial world cup anthem teaser:

Source via: Elite Daily  and Fiji Live

Diplo strikes again, set to host new VH1 show SoundClash.

The concept behind SoundClash is three bands/acts/musicians/magicians all performing on the one stage in front of a live studio audience. The brains behind the show come from the one and only QuestLove, co-founder of The Roots has taken the busiest man in the industry, Diplo, to host the show

Tom Calderone said in a statement. “‘SoundClash’ will showcase established acts at their peak, spotlight breaking artists on the rise, and introduce what’s breaking on the music scene at that moment.  But it will be the collaborative spirit between the performers on the show that will have music fans buzzing throughout the telecast and for days afterwards.”

QuestLove says “’SoundClash’ is all about convergence…It’s a place where the cutting edge of the emergent act meets the winning assuredness of the established artist. It’s a lush, level playing field where the talented blend and the genres bend in ways that will resonate with even the most discerning lovers of today’s music.”

First up is Fall Out Boy, London Grammar and Lil’ Wayne to perform current hits, covers and collaborations on July 23, just an example of possibly the most diverse music styles to be smooshed together and forced to play nice and make music.  This bizarre combination can hopefully produce some intriguing music, and push the limits of what we consider ‘music’ today.

While Diplo is busy hosting the new show, you can also catch him at Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, jumping on board the Mad Decent Block Party Tour, providing us with awesome 2-hour sets on his BBC1 radio show. The man is everywhere! Meanwhile, have a listen to Diplos latest track with Grandtheft, it’s crazy good!

Source via inthemix  and Variety