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Daft Punk – first official radio release !

Random Access Memories has gained an exceptional (yet deserving) amount of media attention… from a shockingly weird premiere location to fake songs being ‘leaked,’ Daft Punk has managed to headline new feeds and top twitter trends for weeks. Now, as if the world wasn’t excited enough, they have released their first album radio edit, available OFFICIALLY on itunes.

‘Get Lucky’ is simply a great track. Get it here

Daft Punk tracklist revealed!

Daft Punk have managed to stay steadily at the top of every news feed ever since the accidental twitter photo confirmation of their new album getting registered to Sony.

Now, their tracklist has been officially announced via Vine.

Check the Track listing below:

  • Give Life Back to Music
  • The Game of Love
  • Giorgio by Moroder
  • Within
  • Instant Crush
  • Lose Yourself to Dance
  • Touch
  • Get Lucky
  • Beyond
  • Motherboard
  • Fragments of Time
  • Doin’ It Right
  • Contact

Source: dancing astronaut