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Afrojack doesn’t think he’s famous enough

“There’s nothing better than making music and hearing 3,000 people chant, ‘Afrojack! Afrojack!’ People are looking – now it’s time for me to kick ass.” – Afrojack

In a recent interview with Billboard, Afrojack confesses he wants to go commercial, he want’s to be known by more people, he wants crowds to chant his name in unison: He wants to rule the world.

OK, maybe not so far as ruling the world, be he really does want to pursue a similar career path to David Guetta and Avicii.

This new plan of attack can be seen in his upcoming album Forget the World. With the lead single Ten Feet Tall already reaching no. 14 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart dated May 17, we’d say he’s well on his way to topping the charts.

Afrojack wants to  become exclusive, by cutting down his usual 25 gigs per month to 20 per month, he wants to focus on getting headliner slots at top-of-the-range festivals and clubs.

He is the rock star of house music:

“I’m not EDM…If I wanted to be a successful EDM artist, I wouldn’t put 80 percent of everything back into the show. I would be chilling, demanding 20 hotel rooms, playing for one-and-a-half hours and being miserable as f-. But I don’t want to be an EDM artist – I want to make something that people can be proud of.”

The bee-line to the commercial industry is evident in his new album as it hosts special guests such as snoop-dogg (or is it Lion/Zilla/Magician these days?), Wiz Khalifa, Devin Cruise and Sting?

HE says: “I want to make an album my grandma and my fans are going to like,” says Afrojack. “I want to make my grandma understand a drop and make club fans understand a song.”

Source via Billboard

Meet MR Wolfdog

I don’t believe you can ever go wrong with an Old Spice commercial…and you still can’t!

There latest chief marketing director, Mr Wolfdog is, well, quite literally a wolf, why? To appease to the man’s wild side by promoting their latest line Wild Spice using a wild animal, it’s very logical when you think about it right and the commercial is even better.

OK so it’s not music related but watch below and tell me you don’t laugh at his lines…”boom, you’ve just been seduced by my marketing”


P.S keep on eye out for John…dun dun duunnnn

Published on 10 Mar 2013

Old Spice is pleased to announce their new official Chief Director of Marketing, Mr. Wolfdog. He’s a wolfdog, so he’ll be great at marketing. http://mrwolfdog.com/

Source: www.pedestrian.tv

Hudson Mohawk ADIDAS Commercial

Glaswegian producer Hudson Mohawk has created the track for ADIDAS’ newest commercial staring Argentinian footballer Lionel Andres “Leo” Messi.

Gotta give him props, the guy makes an amazing beat!

Play The Messi Way – ADIDAS


Play the Messi Way – http://a.did.as/W9SFtr
Join Team Messi — http://bit.ly/messif50tab

Football is supposed to fun
So we don’t waste a minute
We stay on our feet
We play the ball, not the ref
We don’t dive to the ground
Because we know deep down
We shouldn’t be there
They can’t hold us back
We’re keeping the game beautiful
Step by stepover
Goal by exquisite goal
At speed and with respect
There are thousands in our ranks
We are Team Messi

Soundtrack: “Monte Fisto” by Hudson Mohawke

Source: www.pulseradio.net


Daft Punk Commercial Ambiguity

Trying to find that 15 second Daft Punk commercial that aired during SNL’s March 2nd tv show?

The mysterious ad that  keeps getting pulled off the net and YouTube has sparked rumours, which I noted in an earlier blog, that Daft Punk could possibly be returning to the world of music this Spring (Northern Hemisphere). We did manage to find an ad that is yet to be pulled off though!

Just click here and hope it hasn’t been reached yet!!

This teaser really gets you wondering and wanting more

DJ Central TV (Promo Videos)

DJ Central, the new and exciting dance music TV show which airs on October 5th, 2012 on Foxtel’s Aurora Channel has released a number of new commercials and promos on their YouTube channel which are now available for everyone to watch! The short clips have given audiences a sneak peek into what the new show is all about and if these are anything to go by, the show is going to be a hit.

DJ Central is a new and exciting global TV show that features the hottest DJ’s playing the hottest hits, awesome remixes and hits, lifestyle segments, news and gossip, new music suggested by DJ’s, clubs and culture.
The format of the show is built around a local club that best represents what the show stands for. Hosted by a dynamic team along with a cast of industry names and artists from all over the world, there will be segments on the venue itself, the latest music video clips, club competitions and promos and interactive segments which will include interviews with fans and club patrons.
Be sure to check out the new clips from DJ Central on the show’s YouTube channel.