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‘This Is The End’ looks like the funniest movie alive

The recently released trailer for ‘This Is The End’ has the world in extreme anticipation for the upcoming film. Written by Hollywood’s best comedians Seth Rogan & Evan Goldberg, the film stars Seth along with James FrancoJonah HillDanny McBrideJay Baruchel, and Craig Robinson.

This line-up of real-life and on-screen buddies are sure to bring in the LOL’s and ROFl’s when it drops on June 27.

Catch the hilarious trailer below:




The Naked Yeti Terrorizes LA

The Walsh Bros. have released yet another Great & Secret Comedy Show on Comedy Central and CC Studios.

Throwing a personal disco, prwoling the streets of LA as a naked Yeti and terrorizing innocent home owners, this ones an absolute cack up. So here’s a little laughter to help get you through the last 2 hours of your working day!


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