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James Blake Reveals Dark New Track

James Blake let slip last month that his new album was halfway done and this month he has dropped a new track on BBC One.

Appearing on Jamie xx, his good friends, show last Wednesday night he debuted the track, without so much as a word to whether it would appear on the yet to be released album. The track is much darker then Blake’s previous releases with a sample heavy cut intrumental piece.

Collaborations, such as David Bowie and Disclosure who appeared on the Mercury Prize winning Overgrown last year, are all speculation at the present however Blake has been working on a follow up with Fall Creek Boys Choir collaborator Justin Vernon and working with Kanye West on a intermittent basis. He has also given word to a third collaborator who has been kept in the dark.

Check out a rip of the track here:

Crossover Charts

Music genres seem to be like a pair of bikinis, it’s not popular unless you’ve mixed and matched.  There has been a not-so-recent surge of EDM saturating the pop charts, or you could also say the opposite.  These days it’s quite easy for an artist to cross genres and grow in popularity as opposed to the fans feeling culture shock and bailing.  It seems many more subgenres have emerged that allow some of our biggest pop artists to become multiple chart toppers.

Ariana Grande is the latest prime example, having landed her first dance/electric song chart entry Break Free at number four.  It helps however, when your featured act is Zedd, legend of the crossover realm.  He is also responsible for other hits such as Stay The Night wherein he features Hayley Williams, known most prominently for her pop/rock associations.  Hayley, like Ariana, had also dabbled in some R&B and rap prior to her change into electronic dance music.

The list can go and on – contrasting artists DJ Snake and Lil Jon have been smashing the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 for 28 weeks now with Turn Down For What, and Coldplay is also faring well.  The band’s latest release A Sky Full of Stars produced and written with Avicii, earned them a first top 10 on Dance/Mix Show Airplay.  What we can deduce, according to the stats, this will be a cumulative trend.  Keep your eyeballs open for the odd socks movement next.

source:  www.billboard.com

Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk -Two Peas in a Pod

It seems that old dogs can be up to new tricks as the frontman of the American Disco and RnB band ‘Chic’ –  Nile Rodgers – teams up with old favourite daft punk to release a new album even though there hasn’t been one in the previous 20 years.

Get lucky was the first hit which Rodger believes has been so successful because of it’s unique sound and ‘it works because it’s weird.’ Interestingly enough, nothing else on the charts is like the funky disco colab feat. Pharrel Williams which reasons why it peaked at #10 on the charts so far, with more than 350,000 downloads to date, plus another 710,000 in England. It is also the fastest-selling album in the UK so far this year.

Rodgers worked on Punks album Random Acess Memories describing Give Life Back To Music and Lose Yourself to Dance as an ‘exclusive’ sound. Its been revealed another daft and Rodgers colab is in the works including more unfinished Chic songs he wants to be released “Daft Punk wants to do at least one of them with me, so that should be very cool,” he said. “Because they respect the music. They understand.”

Here’s hoping that this is the collab couple of the year in the making, bringing more funk and no junk.

source: www.inthemix.com.au/news