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Best of K-POP 2012-13

DJ Central has put together a playlist of popular K-Pop music videos of the dance genre for you to enjoy.

Also, there were quite a few Remixes of popular pop songs mixed just for the Gayo Daejun at the end of 2012. I you haven’t already seen the performances, you’re missing out!

Check these dance tracks out!

SuperJunior releases “Break Down”


Super Junior-M has finally releases the full music video for the song “Break Down“, it is also the title track for the groups 2nd length album “Break Down“.

In the music video you get to see plenty of flashy sets ups, lights and dancing around, pretty much a classic under SM Entertainment. You hear great elements of dance throughout the whole song, you also get to hear some voice pitch or autotune but only slightly so they didn’t overuse like some artists do. The song compares some aspects to Psy and his hit song Gnagnam Style, as both songs heavily use their own native language, you also get to witness some English words through the song.  Now that you have the full MV, does the song and video live up to your expectations? I have linked the video down below for you to check out and let us know.