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Com Truise takes up where George Lucas’ THX 1138 left off

He has his fingers on the button’s and he knows what they do… Seth Haley can see the future as it was meant to be in the 80’s.  The New York born artist takes influence from movies like THX 1138 and Blade Runner and it’s no stretch of the imagination to see the translation. One of George Lucas’ motivations behind the aesthetic for THX 1138 was his idea of a “used future”. The idea that in the future everything would be futuristic yet maintain a worn out used look (unlike some modern sci-fi movies where everything looks clean and pristine, as though it was only made the day before shooting). Whether Seth set out to employ this device or it just came as a by-product of constantly getting in to that state of mind only he knows, but it makes for some of the best music of our time.

Check out his latest vid and let the music do the talking.

Is Seth getting too housey?

Do you like twiddling knobs?

Has bleepy bloopy music reached its peak?

When is Seth Haley going to score some sick 80’s sci-fi film?

is Seth Haley the next Walter Murch?

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