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100%(백퍼센트) _ BAD BOY(나쁜놈) MV

Energetic Boy Group, “one hundred percent” with their energy and masculinity will be able to open a new door in the K-POP scene with their new album [WE, 100%]

The track titled “BAD BOY” is a dance song that is composed up of analogue sensitivity with the sad sound from string instruments. The lyrics is about a man who is forced to break up with his girlfriend. The heavy ass beat and the powerful vocals added on to the song and with the touching ad-lib at the climax increases the addictive-ness of the song.

This is the music video “BAD BOY” by Hye-Jung Kim who mad the creative music videos of G Dragon, “BUTTERFLY”, Taeyang, “I’ll be there” and 2NE1 “SLOW” .