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Avicii drops new kick-ass video

Avicii’s new video showcases his biggest and best performance yet!

The new video for the latest track Lay Me Down is filmed during his True tour, and this particular performance was in his home town. Stockholm, and according to him it was :  “the biggest show in my career so far.”

The busy DJ is set to headline the UK edition of Electric Daisy Carnival in July, have a gig at TomorrowWorld in September and hit Ibiza’s Ushuaia for a residency, all the while hitting Vegas regularly and working on a second album.

But while Avicii is working his ass off, you can sit back, relax and enjoy this hectic new vid!

source via inthemix

Avicii: too epic for fans

29 punters were hospitalized at EDM giant, Avicii’s concert in Toronto last Saturday.

Causes of the injuries are reportedly from illness relating to drug and alcohol consumption. The sold out gig just proved to be too epic for these unfortunate ticket holders. 10 unfortunate punters missed Avicii’s headlining set, being hospitalized before 11pm and there has been only one arrest on account of drug charges.

Avicii didn’t seem to notice the injuries of those who were raving just a little too hard, tweeting:

Torontooooo! Every show ive had here in Canada has been amazing and tonight rly meant alot to me! Thank you for all your love and support!!—
Tim Bergling (@Avicii) May 18, 2014

While Torono’s local government is kicking up a stink about the gig, blaming the show’s promoter, Ink Entertainment, for the all-ages show contributing to the illnesses of festival-goers.

Toronto City Counselor Giorgio Mammoliti said “This only proves that it doesn’t matter whether these events are held on privately owned or government lands, they are dangerous events to hold as ‘all-ages,’ allowing kids to be present,” he said in a press release. Mammoliti also blamed parents, adding, “They say it takes a village to raise a child and, as a member of that village, I want to stop the irresponsible decisions made by other parents.”

Even though the EDM scene appears to be sweeping the youthful generations by storm, the elders of the town village aren’t impressed by these horrific outcomes of gigs and concerts.

But, EMS Commander Peter Rotolo is a little more optimistic and open minded:  “Unfortunately we have a few kids…excessive alcohol and partying and they can’t handle it…There’s a lot of people here and a few don’t spoil it for the rest.”

Source via montreal gazette and consequence of sound 

AVICII’s “WAKE ME UP” climbs the Billboard

Avicii is quickly making a name for himself, climbing the charts with “Wake me up”. “Wake me up” is the superstar DJ’s first ever top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 with the track at no. 7. The folky EDM is number 3 on Hot Digital Songs with 175,000 downloads (up 27%), according to Nielsen SoundScan. Making “Wake Me Up” taking the number one spot on Dance/Electronic Digital Songs. Lady Gaga’s “Applause” currently holds the number one spot on Dance Streaming songs and Dance/Electronic songs.

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Source: www.billboard.com/articles/columns/code/5679833/avicii-lady-gaga-score-dance-chart-victories

No more trolling for Deadmau5 as he releases new productions.

As Deadmau5 is notoriously known for his serial trolling via soundcloud with his infamous comments on big room sounds at the moment, he has also been very busy releasing more of the tracks he is famous for.

In the last two days, he’s uploaded multiple bootlegs including “Turbo CartPig Racer” and “Somewhere Up Here (fin)” which are to set a new standard for other DJs in the music industry.

This came after his troll response on the Swedish duo Daleri ‘Epic Mashleg’ release on beatport which had 16 drops in 54 seconds, ‘mau5 released a track ‘Drop Da Bomb’ as a parody of this duos success which got unexpected success from the public.

“It’s easy to show up with that one hit, but the problem is not stagnating in a pile of your own fucking shit,” he commented to Vibemagazine at the start of the year.

“That’s something I’m always aware of when starting a new project. If you’re not being diverse, people will get bored. I like Avicii, he’s a real nice kid, but Avicii has got this Levels thing, and I almost feel bad for him. It’s probably not even his fault. He did the track, and it was all right – it was catchy – but I, dead-fucking-mau5, cannot name another Avicii track. I shit you not. I can’t.”

source: inthemix