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Avicii Interview: Avicii X You Competition + Track


Thanks to EDM Sauce, they had a great interview with Avicii about the AviciiXYou competition. Below is what both had to say. Avicii decided to crowdsource his newest track with Avicii X You contest where he let artists submit their additions to the song by submitting either a melody, bassline, beat/rhythm, break or effects. Here we sat down with the winner of the Melody who goes by the name Kian Sang. If you want to check out his melody, you can do so here.

EDM Sauce: So how did you hear about the AVICII X YOU competition?

Kian Sang: I first heard about it when a friend of mine sent me a link to the aviciixyou site through facebook.

EDM Sauce: When did you decide to enter?

Kian Sang: When I first heard about the collaboration I thought it was a really cool idea so I almost immediately knew I wanted to take part in it.

EDM Sauce: Did you already have in mind what you wanted to enter or what give you inspiration? 

Kian Sang: When I first heard the songs chords I knew I wanted to create something that was really energetic, uplifting and memorable. . In short I wanted to make something that would get people really happy and excited!

EDM Sauce: How did you spread the word about your entry? 

Kian Sang: I didn’t actually have to spread the word at all since Avicii himself was the one selecting the finalists. When I found out I had got picked I got a bunch of support from people that I didn’t know and also huge support from my friends as well.

EDM Sauce: What program did you use for the melody? 

Kian Sang: I made the melody in FL Studio.

EDM Sauce: How long have you been producing music? 

Kian Sang: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it began since I’ve been doing music almost my whole life. I started playing guitar at a young age and then I moved on to the piano and started writing a bunch of songs. But it wasn’t until about a year ago when I was introduced to music production software that I really started producing music.

EDM Sauce: What’s next for you? 

Kian Sang: I’m going to keep creating the music that I love and keep moving forward!

Final Project for Avicii’s Collaboration


Avicii’s track, which is being collaborated with many people from around the world, will be released later today!! Officially around 5 hours from now, we would be able to download the full version of the complete song. For now, I don’t think he will include any vocals to the track as its all just instrumental, and it didn’t take long between the final cut and the release date to sort out a vocal session. No biggie, because the track example is dope enough!

Congratulations to all those enlisted and won the opportunity to work with (not literally) with the main man.

Avicii X You – #5 Effects


Acivii’s is almost done to complete the worldwide track! With now the uploads being taken for the #5th session – Effects! So since this is open, why don’t we all sign up and get cracking at creating this to send through. So many people will be sending through their version of their creations and tracks so be ready to send yours soon (if not right now!!). When you are ready click here to enter the site and compete in the competition to work with Avicii on the new track. The recent trailer for Effects has also been uploaded on Avicii’s Youtube page and is linked below for you to check out. Click here to check the previous sessions from Avicii and if you want to listen to the file so far don’t forget to visit AviciiXYou.com 


Avicii x You – Break + Voting


Avicii’s work is almost complete, and you have the power! That’s the power to vote…. If you haven’t uploaded your “Break” for the track, you just missed you on the deadline, but the voting is still open to vote for your favourite Beat/Rhythm. Click here to check them out and vote for the one you want. Be sure to log in first and remember you can only vote once, so choose wisely. The track is coming along great, have a listen to be down below (not the finished product) and tell us what you think of it. If you entered and would like people to vote for your track, leave a link in the comment section. Best of luck to those who have entered!


Avicii X You – Session #2 Bassline



Avicii is back and is ready for all the input for a new element in World Featured track. In this video he talks about the Bassline, which is the second session. Be sure to follow the props to submit your Bassline. The time frame to submit is between January 16th until the 23rd 2013, you can also visit the official site for more information.