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Sia’s new quirky and cute music video ‘Chandelier’

Aussie’s favourite quirky pop star, Sia, has finally released her music video for her chart hit, Chandelier’ and it’s just as cute and quirky as you’d expect it to be!

Sia reunited with her ‘Breathe Me’ collaborator, Daniel Askill, to help produce her latest video, which was a very smart decision as this video doesn’t fall short of what Sia stands for as a music artist. To up the cuteness factor, 11 year old, Maddie Zeigler, from Dance Moms stars in the video, playing a younger (and more flexible) Sia with some very impressive dance moves! Chandelier is just one of many original tracks in Sia’s fifth album, 1000 forms of Fear.

Don’t worry, we won’t give too much away. Infact, we’ll even include the video below for you guys to see for yourselves. You’re welcome 😉

So what do you guys think? Is this Sia’s best music video? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: pedestrian.tv


Australian DJs

Melbourne born David Norris aka Dizz1 is one of the most dedicated artists in the Australian music industry. He has been active for 10 years both here and internationally, divulging his skills in drumming and creating complex rhythms and beats live. As a DJ he has showcased his amazing skills on the turntable and as a solo producer, released his tracks on radio stations such as the BBC Radio 1 and renowned labels like Rush Hour. His sound covers all aspects of electronic beat music, and complex hip hop bass.

Learn more about Dizzi 1 at: www.inthemix.com.au/features/55566/Down_Under_The_Radar_2_Local_artists_making_moves


Diplo to work w/ Sia on her new album!


It has been discovered that the semi-retired Sia will indeed be working on another album, or three.

Producer Greg Kurstin, confirmed music’s worst kept secret by saying:
I know she said she was semi-retired, but we’re doing an album. I’m producing it and it’s really fun.”

Diplo has given fans a clue on what collab’s we should be expecting from her this time round, “I have a lot of production that’s about to come out. Everything from Tinie Tempah to Chris Brown to Sia.

Just incase you weren’t already excited for new Sia, here’s a preview on what she’s recently done for ‘The Great Gatsby. The film’s soundtrack will be available on May 7th.



Julia Gillard uses Social Media in attempt to attract voters

It has been reported that Julia Gillard is taking to Spotify as an attempt to re-connect with her many lost voters. In the same way Barak Obama did, she is releasing her very own Prime Minister Playlist. A spokesperson told us that  ‘The PM is a keen fan of music but she’s also a keen user of social media,” Ha.. ha

Julia is apparently trying to stay away from controversial music topics and simply focus on great music, particularly by her own Australian talent.

Source: http://www.pedestrian.tv/