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Kaskades Sonic Atmosphere

Kaskade is releasing his new LP “Atmosphere” in early September, commenting that his fans should expect the unexpected. This album could reflect his re-introduction back into house music through his residency at Marquee Las Vegas.

His album is a combination of the EDM-era style and Kaskade’s obvious love for house music possibly making this album is most genuine out of all his albums, somehow combining his older sound with his new. The synth teamed up with euphoric vocals make each note in the album electrifying.

The first track, a collaboration with Project 46 “Last Chance” has been played by Kaskade at multiple festivals including Marquee’s ‘Summer Lovin’, its eclectic combination of house and dance takes you on an undescribable musical venture.


Source: inthemix


GTA Remix Kaskade’s ‘Atmosphere’

GTA are without a doubt one of the freshest acts hitting the scene. The Miami based duo have release a remix of Kaskade’s amazing track ‘Atmosphere’. Check out the duo’s unique and innovative take of ‘Atmosphere’.

Click the link below to listen

Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7FSzi2v2kc