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The 5 clubs that party beyond the Sydney lockouts!

Although many clubs, pubs and party animals are disappointed with the nightlife lockout and drink legislations which kicked in a few weeks ago, there are still a handful of clubs who won’ take no for an answer and will feed your party cravings and play the music till dawn. We’ve even done the research for you! All you have to do is find the place and enjoy yourselves! Without further adieu, here are the five clubs as listed via inthemix.com.au.


This little gem hidden on Elizabeth St has been a crowdpleaser for a while, especially because the venue doesnt close till 10am on the following morning. Although you still have to rock up before 1:30 for entry, don’t fret! If you miss the lockout time because of your drunken haze, you’ll be able to get back in at 5am…and you’ll be sober by then too! Service of alcohol will cease at 3am, but the bar has created a compromise of delicious mocktails and juices and refreshing ‘Spice Blocks’ (basically ice blocks) too keep you refreshed until 5am. Website


Luckily for the Marquee, the Star just hits the outskirt of the CBD lockout zone, which means the Marquee is excluded from the lockout legislations. This is good news for you all party animals as you can get entry and an alcoholic drink at any time, that is, if you can manage to get in considering the big DJ’s that will be headlining for the next few weekends, so get in early (or purchase pre-paid tickets) before it reaches full capacity! Website

3) ARQ

If you’re free on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night, then the ARQ is the place to be! If you manage to get through the 1:30am lockouts, then you’re free to party your ass off until 6am when the venue shuts…plus you can sneak in some ‘earlybird’ drinks when the bar re-opens at 5am. Website


Or if Oxford st isn’t your scene (or if you prefer to unleash your inner hipster) then the World Bar near the hub of Kings Cross would be your party destination! Like the ARQ, the World Bar is also licensed till 6am between Friday to Sunday. Not to mention the infamous cocktail teapots…or mocktail teapots between 3am-5am, either way the teapots are nifty addition! Website


Just like the name implies, Daydreams will kick on every Sunday morning, so for you party-loving nocturnals, this club will be your new oasis. Not to mention you have two floors to choose from for your next party adventure! Daydreams will replace Phoenix downstairs after 5am while Dayclub will take over the Q-Bar on the top floor. Website