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The Music Industry’s ‘Most Powerful Person’ Revealed

To all you music fans out there who want to get into the music industry, it’s probably wise to remember the name AJ Maddah, who has just been recently ranked #1 in the Australasian Music Industry Directory (AMID) ‘Power 50’ list. Not bad for a title, eh?

If the name sounds familiar, you probably have heard him in the music festival scene as the director  and chief of the popular rock-based music festival, Soundwave. According to pedestrian.tv website, Maddah has even topped prominent industry power brokers, Michaels Gudinski and Michael Chugg who came second and third on the list.

Despite the impressive and respective title, Maddah isn’t allowing the attention get to his head, as he graciously stated to themusic.com.au, ““To be perfectly honest I am shocked and a little bit uncomfortable. To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I do not care to be on any list that would have me at number one. I’m still learning on the job and taking lessons from masters like Michael Gudinski, Frank Stivalla, Carl Nicholas, John Parker, Denis Handlin and Michael Chugg all of whom are more knowledgeable than me and continue to be very generous to me with their time and advice.”

The DJ Central team congratulates AJ Maddah on his well-earned and respective title and can’t wait to see what he has in-store for the music industry.

Source: www.pedestrian.tv/news via www.themusic.com.au/news