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U2 Releases New Album For Free On iTunes… But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

Found What You Weren’t Looking For?


Earlier this week, the highly anticipated new U2 album ‘Songs Of Innocence’ was offered as a free download to all iTunes users.

The surprise release was a partnership between Apple and U2 to launch a new range of iPhones and the Irish band’s 13th studio album.

Apple has added the album to iTunes libraries, whether you want it or not. The thing is, there are a lot of people who don’t want it. It is nearly impossible to get rid of the album, and even if you delete the tracks, it will still be shown as part of your music library.

Music and technology partnerships can work- see Jay Z’s deal with Samsung last year where interested users could opt to download his new album for free. In contrast, Apple’s tactic has forced the album upon over 800 million accounts in 119 countries.

The launch is the ‘biggest album release in history’, and has certainly made news around the world.