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back from the future: Giorgio Morodor

Old mate, Giorgio Morodor, or as you may know him the god of EDM has made a come back onto the dance music scene after a whopping 22 years!

the 74 year old Italian stallion slowly started his return after working with Daft Punk on their latest album and releasing a remix of Coldplay’s “Midnight,” The Grammy holder and Dance Hall of Fame entrant has also been working alongside Kelis, Madeon and Lana Del Ray. 

So with the release of his new single, Giorgio’s Theme we couldn’t be more thrilled! the track is energetic and psychedelic, giving us everything we could possibly want in an awesome EDM track. The 8-minute track is fast-paced and ready to kick-ass. Quite the party anthem for the old-timer!

have a listen to the track below, and let us know what you think of a 74 year old DJ dropping beats that are doper than the whole line-up of Tomorrowland combined

yeah, you wish you were as cool as this 74 year old!

source via THUMP