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DJ Central commenced production of its flagship TV show “DJ Central TV” in June 2012. Since then the show has now grown into an internationally syndicated Australian music TV show with a potential viewing audience of over 150,000,000 viewers a month.

The DJ Central TV show is now available on many leading cable, Free2Air, VOD Platforms, IP TV and Web TV networks shown in the above syndication map. DJ Central has spread from its home country of Australia to now being available in over 20 + countries around the world and growing.

In 2013 DJ Central TV signed and world-wide syndication and license agreement with Planet Blue Pictures to distribute and syndicate the show. The above map shows participating nations with accumulating viewers, including: USA, UK, Ireland, Korea and more.

In 2016 DJ Central has expanded its footprint into ASIA with a new partnership with Cantara Global The show continues to find more and more new fans. 2017 will see the show licensed to leading cable networks around the world including the CBS and Time Warner cable networks. If you would like to know more about how to license the DJ Central TV show then please email

amazon_icon, Inc. is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling DVDs, VHSs, CDs, video and MP3 downloads/streaming, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewellery. The company produces consumer electronics, notably, Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire Phone, and is a major provider of cloud computing services.
DJ Central TV is now available on the Amazon VOD platform.

Aurora_iconAurora is a not for profit, independent community channel, screened nationally on Channel 183 on FOXTEL.
Aurora showcases the work of independent and emerging Australian producers, and is committed to screening interesting, diverse and innovative content to encourage awareness and understanding of community issues and interests.
Aurora Community Channel is a partner of Australian Made and is proudly supported by FOXTEL.

bluepie_logo Blue Pie Records are one of the world’s leading independent record labels, publishers and distributors. Blue Pie represent over 3000 artists and over 280 leading independent labels from all over the world. Blue Pie’s icon roster continues to expand and includes acts like Dale Bozzio, HeadBand, Phil Manzanera, Janice Marie, Peter Noone with live concert performances from Chicago, The Cars, Tony Hatch, and Dave Evans to name a few.
Blue Pie provides physical DVD pressing, merchandise and distribution for the DJ Central TV show. With offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Indonesia, India, China and Australia, physical DVD product and merchandise is now available online via the Blue Pie Biz store at

foxtel_icon Foxtel is one of Australia’s most progressive and dynamic media companies, directly employing around 2,500 people, and delivering a diverse subscription television service to both regional and metropolitan areas over cable, satellite and broadband distribution.
As constant champions of innovation Foxtel have brought customers:

  • The iQ personal video recorder
  • Australia’s largest HD channel offering, with 26 dedicated channels
  • The first Australian 3D broadcast in 2010, and the Foxtel 3D channel
  • FOX FOOTY Channel – for AFL fans
  • The LONDON 2012 Olympic Games over 8 dedicated HD channels, plus a tablet app
  • Live and catch up TV on your tablet or other mobile device with Foxtel Go

In addition, the subscription television sector invests around $600 million every year in new and original Australian content.
Since creating a new national subscription television service, through the merging of Foxtel and Austar in 2012, Foxtel directly employs around 2,500 people and a further 2,000 workers are indirectly engaged in sales and installation services nationally.
The Foxtel Television Centre at North Ryde in Sydney is the headquarters of Foxtel’s national subscription television operations and houses Foxtel’s television studios, broadcast operations and cable and satellite transmission facilities. Foxtel also operates two Customer Solutions Centres based at Moonee Ponds in Melbourne, and Robina on the Gold Coast.
Together Foxtel and DJ Central are working hard to bring our viewers the best in quality entertainment programming in all things club, house, and dance music.
Foxtel is owned by Telstra Corporation Ltd (50%) and The News Corporation Ltd (50%).

Youtube_iconThe Bus Network MCOM are a leading media pioneer in Asia. They have been a Pioneer since 2000 in Digital Mobile, Digital Content, Digital Solution Provider, and Digital Advertising market place. MCOM targets specific markets and strives to enrich, enhance and deliver optimum digital entertainment content a more exciting, efficient and affordable manner to be shared with the world.
The DJ Central music TV shows are available on the MCOM via our partnership with Cantara Global.

Youtube_iconHunan Television or Hunan TV (Chinese: 湖南卫视; pinyin: HúnánWèishì) is a provincial satellite TV station. It launched in January 1997 and is currently China’s second-most-watched channel, second only to CCTV-1, owned by China Central Television.
Hunan TV’s signal covers most of China, including Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas as (Hunan STV World) in North America, Japan, Australia, Europe and other countries and regions landing. From 28 September 2009 onward, the channel uses standard high-definition broadcast.
The original idea of the logo of Hunan TV is about a white fish and a golden grain, symbolizing that Hunan is a land of abundance and a land flowing with milk and honey. The light yellow and golden color symbolize the spirits of Hunan people, including optimistic, brave and creativity. In recent years, audiences gave Hunan TV a nickname as Mango TV which is accepted by Hunan TV as an official byname, because the shape of its logo looks like a golden mango. The nickname is especially useful as there are 22 provinces and the official channel name can be easily confused with other television channels.
The DJ Central music TV shows are available on the Hunan TV | Mango TV Networks via our partnership with Cantara Global. is a media transfer site for PEG (Public, Education, Government) community television stations and producers of media for these stations.
Peg Media provides its content partners with an easy way for producers to make their programming known and available to many stations simultaneously and, at the same time, to give stations a wide variety of programming from which to choose. The PegMedia platform allows content partners to be able to service all 50 PBS networks in the USA.

pivotshare_iconStream & Buy Everywhere, Securely. With our partner Planet Blue Pictures and their Pivot Share channel we are able to access the power of this great platform with ease.
Pivotshare helps publishers and content creators distribute and monetize their digital media. With the Pivot Share multi-adaptive bitrate technology on top of their world-class CDN, HD videos buffer less. The DJ Central TV show is now available for streaming or download via a secured site with industry-standard encryption.
The show is now available on the Planet Blue Pictures Pivot Share channel on any device including your iPhone and Android. The platform allows DJ Central to build and create Pivot Share online communities and allow them to enjoy our shows on virtually any device anywhere in the world.
We are glad to be part of the Pivot Share revolution.

planet blue pictures_iconPlanet Blue Pictures USA, provides revolutionary, disruptive technologies for the film, TV and digital entertainment content industry. The companies technology provides significant improvements in time reduction and production costs in the areas of  enhancing and creating 3D movies, including workflow efficiencies in post/VFX for both 2D and 3D movies that provide studios and film production companies with significantly reduced ingestion and conversion costs. The technology is highly competitive, unique and provides the Planet Blue Pictures customers with a competitive market leading edge that allows them to be able take SD formats, film and or older video formats, to a vastly improved and enhanced HD format and or higher.
By integrating existing leading edge emerging technology with Hollywood-centric custom software and services through the use of real-time 3D capture devices and automated processing, the company is expected to rapidly expand and grow its film and digital content libraries. Additionally, the company has developed hybrid methodologies to enable immediate, cost effective 3D conversion of existing content libraries.
The company has a global syndication and distribution footprint that accesses over 200 cable, free2air and web TV networks as well as all the traditional digital and emerging digital film distribution platforms from iTunes to Amazon and Netflix.
Planet Blue Pictures is the exclusive syndication and distribution partner for DJ Central TV.

quello_iconDJ Central has officially joined with Qello! As one of the world’s largest on-demand music entertainment service that streams the widest selection of the highest quality concert films and music documentaries to any digital device worldwide, syndication has never been easier.
For die-hard music fans, just like us, who can’t get enough of the live music experience, Qello guarantees the experience never ends. With Qello, music enthusiasts can relive the concerts they loved, see the shows they always wanted to experience, and discover artists they might never have seen.
Boasting the world’s largest library of HD concert films and music documentaries, the artists in Qello’s collection have upwards of 380 million+ Facebook fans that live by their favourite music. Never before have these artist’s best quality performances been available to watch anywhere, anytime, in one sleek application – until Qello.
Think of Qello as the Indiana Jones of archival concerts: Qello’s deep library includes many rare, and digitally re-mastered classic concerts, from Ike and Tina, to the Beatles, to Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis and Bob Marley – restored and resurrected for music lovers to experience forever.
Now you can relive the DJ Central greatness anywhere and everywhere; whether it’s on the bus or in a dark corner at work. You cannot escape the powerful seduction of DJ Central and Qello just helped us become that much more accessible!

Youtube_iconRoku pioneered streaming for the TV, and we aspire to power every TV in the world. We developed a streaming platform that delivers a best-in-class user experience. At the heart of the Roku platform is our proprietary operating system, the Roku OS, which we built from the ground up. Roku is recognized for streaming innovation. This is demonstrated by our growing, passionate and highly engaged customer base who love Roku streaming devices because of our coveted content selection, ease of use, and value.
Roku is now one of the largest streaming platforms in North America. The DJ Central music TV shows are available on the Planet Blue Pictures Roku channel. See

spb tv_icon SPBTV has proved to be one of the most popular services chosen by users from all over the world. SPBTV developers are constantly upgrading the app’s functionality, extending the TV channels list and improving the interface. The permanent monitoring of the market, the desire to meet high standards, as well as the technological intuition of our experts and their attention for the users’ needs, make SPB TV one of the leading TV services in Russia.
Forty million people worldwide watch over 200 Russian and international TV channels and dozens of videos with SPB TV. The service was created and developed by SPBTV, one of the leading providers of complex solutions for video- and TV-content delivery on various screens using OTT TV, IP TV and mobile TV service technology.
Branded mobile TV services are available via MTS, Amedia, Nash Footbol, Megafon and Beeline in Russia, Velcom in Belarus, Beeline in Armenia, DigiVive in India and StarHub in Singapore. SPB TV is a winner of many prestigious awards in multiple categories, including Big Digit, CSI Awards, TV Technology Europe STAR Awards, Mobile Entertainment Awards, Google Developer Challenge and others. SPBTV has over 40,000,000 viewers and 20,000,000 subscribers and growing. As they expand so shall the our audience footprint.
DJ Central TV has been granted its own direct channel on the network.

streamerzz_icon SmART Media Ventures, Inc is a provider of digital entertainment and media content. The company provides content creation, curation and delivery services via its StreamerZz online streaming service channels. StreamerZz is the SmART Media Ventures streaming platform that provides consumers access to wide and constantly expanding offering of movies, music and digital entertainment content.
The company’s management team have over 100 + years of experience. The company has a network of world class strategic partnerships and alliances that it calls upon to provide content delivery services including streaming, VOD and IP TV solutions for its customers. The advent of social media and 4G internet speeds have increased the desire for individuals to stream content on an increasing basis. With consumers now watching more and more digital entertainment online, via web TV, IP TV, VOD services and general streaming services, StreamerZz is poised to capitalise on the ever expanding digital content markets with its unique and proprietary technology and content delivery systems.
The average consumer is constantly spending more time online. As the relationship with technology and consumers continues to expand with each subsequent generation so shall StreamerZz be there to be part of the entertainment landscape, offering compelling and unique content for its customers to enjoy.
The StreamerZz entertainment channels include: DJ Central TV, Metal Central TV, Country Central TV, Jazz and Blues TV, Fashion Central TV, Reggae Central TV, The Planet Blue Pictures film and documentary library, The Cadillac Bill Show, Fernando’s Secrets, The Below H20 Documentary Channel, and the Blue Pie Records music catalogue with over 2 Million tracks and growing.
DJ Central is available on the new StreamerZz network from July 2015

Youtube_iconTencent is one of the largest Internet companies in the world, many services of whose include social network, web portals, e-commerce, and multiplayer online games. Its offerings include the well-known (in China) instant messenger Tencent QQ and one of the largest web portals in China, Mobile chat service WeChat has helped bolster Tencent’s continued expansion into smartphone services. Tencent holds 15% stake of, one of the largest B2C online retailers in China.
In April 13, 2015, the market value of Tencent exceeded US$200 billion for the first time, hitting US$206 billion. On September 8, 2015, Tencent became the largest Internet company in Asia by value after Alibaba Group Holding Limited suffered a major drop ($141 billion over 10 months) in its share value.
DJ Central’s music TV shows are made available on the Tencent networks via our partnership with Cantara Global.

Youtube_iconVimeo was founded by a group of filmmakers who wanted to share their creative work and personal moments from their lives. As time went on, like-minded people discovered Vimeo and helped build a supportive community of individuals with a wide range of passions. Today, millions of people from all around the world enjoy Vimeo, and we’re growing bigger every day. We hope this fun and friendly environment fuels your own creativity and inspires you to contribute to Vimeo in the ways that mean the most to you.
DJ Central has all episodes available for viewing via iTunes on the Vimeo network and also via its own VOD channel with Vimeo here

Youtube_iconAs one of the world’s largest video streaming sites, YouTube has made it possible for DJ Central to bring its fans the best of the best in quality snippets of our music TV program
Founded in February 2005, YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original-content creators and advertisers, large and small.
With such an easily accessed source available, fans of every calibre can watch DJ Central from anywhere in the world.

Youtube_iconYouku is one of China’s top online video and streaming service platforms, alongside with iQiyi, Sohu, LeTV, (Tencent Video), PPTV, and Funshion. Youku’s domination in the Chinese market is enourmous and only superseded by its competitor Baidu’s iQiyi
The DJ Central music TV shows are available on the YouKu via our partnership with Cantara Global. For more information on this leading platform see

Youtube_icon DATA REPORTING – The DJ Central music TV shows are all monitored by INCROSS Korea. Via our partnership with Cantara Glonbal all transmissions of our TV shows in Korean are monitored and valuable data on viewers and market insights are reported to DJ Central.
For more information on this great reporting systems click here