Suzanna Lubrano is gracing ReverbNation!

Suzanna Lubrano is on ReverbNation, and is rising steadily to the top! Great news, considering just how good this platform really is! We love this awesome platform, and we give our highest recommendation for every artist to check it out! It’s a social media platform of sorts that can really help get indie artists off the ground. So when you throw an artist like Suzanna into the mix, of course it’s gonna result in an explosion that’s an absolute joy to watch!

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suzanna charts

Not only is Suzanna the number one in Pop for Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but she’s also ranked 9th regionally, 17th nationally, and 2086th globally at the time of writing! That’s huge! If that kind of traction also gets kicked into gear on her BandsInTown, there’s no telling just how far her tour scene might go!

As a matter of fact, Suzanna is rumoured to have a tour coming up in December…

Could she soar to number one in the national or even global ranking? Time will tell…

But in case you’ve been living under a rock, you might be wondering who Suzanna is and why you should check out any of her tours or her ReverbNation at all?

Through the power of streaming we can answer that – and so can you! Introduce a friend into the craze today!

We’re sure Suzanna will be “loving you forever” if you check out her online catalogue, as she’s put much hard work and soul into these songs over the years, and it shows.

To check out even more of Suzanna, check out these official links below!